i think, therefore I ‘gram; here are the best instas of the month

From Cara Delevingne’s cheeky Zoolander snog to Justin Bieber’s #tbt, here are the top Instagram’s of the month.

by Tish Weinstock
03 February 2016, 10:42pm

Cara's cheeky snog
There has been much speculation over Cara Delevingne's love life over the years. First Harry Styles, then Michelle Rodriguez, and now she's going steady St. Vincent's Annie Clark. But, hark! What's this? In the latest series of posts, the model appears to be locking lips (and squeezing bottoms) with none other than Derek Zoolander! Spoof or not, we think it's brilliant.

Happy Birthday Mama Drake!
It wouldn't be a list of greats without HRH Champagne Papi. Watch Drake's mama and uncle getting down to Drake's new song Work, in celebration of his mama's birthday. Well, she's clearly got great taste in music…

Bieber's #tbt
Just when you thought you couldn't love Justin Bieber any more, he goes and #tbt's to his younger pudding bowl haircut self, with the caption "Move of the century" referring to his clearly quite dodgy dance moves. Who knew Biebs was that that funny? Us, duh, we've always Beliebed!

Kim's not so simple life
Also owning the throw back game (although this time opting for flash back Friday) is Queen of all Selfies, Kim Kardashian. As evidenced by her archival pic of her and BFF/arch rival Paris Hilton, in all their monokini, belly ring, and metallic bag glory. That's hot.

Michel Gaubert's mash up meme
King of the mix tape and fashion's leading sound technician, Michel Gaulbert has struck Insta gold with his Lichtenstein meme mash-up. "I like you, just not 'follow you back' like you" We've all been there…

Miley pulls a Kanye
They say the best things come in pairs, but that was before they saw the meme that merges Miley Cyrus' body with Kanye West's face. Pure magic.

The Game owns hashtagging
One would be forgiven for dismissing The Game's topless selfies as nothing other but pure posturing. You'd be forgiven, that is, because you'd be absolutely right. However, what you might have missed are his incredible hashtags. From #WakeDatPussyUp to #LetsGetStraightToIt, his hashtag game is strong. ;) He even signs off with #Dropsmic

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