kesha's new song sees her rise from the ashes of dr. luke stronger than ever

This is the best Kesha's voice has ever sounded.

by i-D Staff
29 April 2016, 5:55am


We knew this was going to be a big weekend in music: Rihanna is dropping a new Calvin Harris collab, and Kesha had a new single on the cards too. The anticipation was a lot. Lucky for us, we didn't end up having to wait until Friday was up to hear Kesha's new track: it's leaked early, and it's a real joy.

The huge ballad is called True Colors: a collaboration between Kesha and EDM producer Zedd, a longtime friend. It's the same song they debuted at Coachella, when Kesha made a surprise cameo during Zedd's set—he's been one of her most vocal supporters through her legal battle. Their closeness might just be why True Colors feels so powerful: "I've escaped my capture and I have no master" belts Kesha, in one of the song's most resonant moments. In the time she's been out, her voice has gotten even stronger. Sentimentality aside, this is the best she's ever sounded.

The release seems to signal Kesha's label softening their control over her, which might mean there's more music to come soon. Zedd explained her label, Kemosabe "gave us permission to release this song!" Fingers crossed we get to hear more!

true colors