introducing our summer of love series

To counter these tough times, i-D showcases love in all its forms. While sharing as many voices and stories as possible, our new Summer of Love video series will investigate if, how and why love, friendship and sexuality are evolving in 2016 and beyond...

by i-D Staff
28 June 2016, 3:00pm

Hopping from city to city, the first of four episodes starts in London, exploring the importance of the city's queer spaces and relationships built around them. Following a group of friends who met in the city's gay club scene, we discover how queer clubbing has brought them together and why spaces like these are so integral to the fabric of London's nightlife.

Next stop Paris, illustrating a first love story between young model, aspiring actress and Gosha Rubchinsky favourite Angele Metzger and Lukas Ionesco, the of grandson of French photographer Irina Ionesco, who played the main role in Larry Clark's The Smell Of Us. Named the city of love for a reason, we follow Lukas and Angele as they roam the city, breaking away from old romantic clichés to share a new perspective on modern love and showing how punk and love can go hand in hand.

In the third episode we focus on friendship, hanging out with a group of tight-knit young New Yorkers running wild in the big city. From chilling at home to wreaking havoc on the streets, they've got each other's backs always.

Lastly, we touch down in sunny Barcelona. Directed by young Spanish filmmaker Leo Adef, the final episode of the series shares the sensitive side of love, telling the story of Pau and Guiu, who started talking through Instagram and were later cast for the film through i-D's social media channels.

From London to Paris, New York to Barcelona, Summer of Love is a reminder that no matter where you are in the world, love and unity conquers all.

Summer of Love
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