​arca releases new track, 'saunter,' announces limited-edition vinyl

Harking back to "Mutant"-era Arca, "Saunter" will be released with "Reverie" as a limited-edition 12” with a hot pink sleeve wrapped in hand-stitched fishnet tights.

by Charlotte Gush
24 March 2017, 3:11pm

If you've been missing the distorted, crackling, and whipping synth layers of Arca's earlier work — and following his move toward a more sparse sound with fragile vocals on new tracks "Piel," "Anoche," and "Reverie" — then today is your lucky day.

The latest single from Arca's upcoming self-titled album, "Saunter" is a return to the sizzling, fractious sounds of 2015 album Mutant. Opening with a clattering, sparking sound like downed electrical cables spasmodically jumping around on the pavement after a storm, the track continues with glass shard chords before moving on to wobbling puddles of distorted noise, high-pitched steel drums, and the air hiss of hydraulic machines which introduces Arca's operatic vocal.

At just 2 minutes and 9 seconds long, "Saunter" is the shortest track from Arca so far, and it feels somewhat like a interlude. The track is included with "Reverie" on a limited-edition 12" vinyl, the 220 copies of which come in a hot pink sleeve encased in hand-stitched fishnet, available to preorder now on the XL webstore.

Arca has a series of upcoming European tour dates, and he will also be part of Björk's live band for her festival performances at Ceremonia in Mexico, FYF in LA, and Fuji Rock in Niigata, Japan.

Arca is out April 7 on XL Recordings.

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Text Charlotte Gush
Photography Wolfgang Tillmans

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