beyoncé just sent her first tweet in over a year

Bey got back on Twitter for a very worthy cause.

by Meg Duncan
03 July 2017, 8:10am

Photography Matt Jones

Beyoncé, you may have noticed, has been silent on Twitter since the release of Lemonade over a year ago. Until last Friday, that is. The superstar penned her first tweet in over 12 months to announce a very charitable partnership. The singer is working with UNICEF on a project that aims to provide half a million people with access to safe water. "Let's help," Bey implored of her 15M followers, "Mothers in Burundi want to provide clean, safe drinking water for their children."

Burundi is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa, and 40% of its people go without access to clean drinking water, Beyoncé's website explains. Alongside the United Nations Children's Fund, BEYGOOD4BURUNDI plans to support the construction of wells, boreholes and water supply systems, bringing safe water to healthcare facilities, schools, and residential areas. You can donate to the organisation here, or get kitted out in one of two limited edition tees, with all profits going to the fund.


Text Meg Duncan
Photography Matt Jones
Styling Marina Burini
[The Health Issue, No. 268, August 06]

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