Image courtesy Danse Noire

edgar allen poe and a dark edit of future's mask off – it's our friday mix!

Swiss record label Danse Noire get weird in this week's i-DJ.

by Juule Kay
16 March 2018, 3:01pm

Image courtesy Danse Noire

Discovering shit about Danse Noire is about as hard as not drinking at a party with free drinks. The little information we do have, however, is that the Swiss record label was founded five years ago by Aisha Devi and her friends Niels Wehrspann and Raphael Rodriguez, soon becoming a platform for artists with a penchant for dance music with a difference.

The fact that Danse Noire is anything but ordinary is proven in today's mix from the collective behind it, which includes a reading of Edgar Allen Poe courtesy of Chino Amobi's Law I (The City in the Sea) alongside reworks of Future's Mask Off and Mhysa's Strobe, before the whole thing descends into industrial chaos. We don't speak Swiss, so (in the inimitable words of fellow artists Girls Aloud) we'll just let the funky music do the talking.

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