king krule dropped his mom's music during his beats 1 takeover

“For the rejects and the weirdos.”

by Anastasia McInerney
13 October 2017, 5:33am

To celebrate the release of his second LP, King Krule took over Beats 1 for a special hour-long broadcast. The 23-year-old South Londoner played tracks from the much awaited LP The Ooz, including Biscuit Town, Logos, Bermondsey Bosom (Left), The Cadet Leaps and La Lune. Listen here.

The artist also shared an exclusive demo of Swan Lake, an unreleased track that didn't make the record. In keeping things close to home, he played Fraternize by the band Uh Oh Chongo, which his mother and uncle performed in.

The King Krule Takeover also featured songs by John Lennon, the Stranglers and the Lounge Lizards. He cited Latin American "tones and textures" as having an influence on the new record, sharing Brazilian composer Antonio Adolfo's 1979 Cascavel. He also spun Elvis Presley's Crawfish, a song off the soundtrack to the film King Creole — where the moniker 'King Krule' comes from.

The Ooz is a 19 track release for the "rejects and the weirdos." King Krule explained "It was something that just kept oozing out of me, and slowly but surely had to be refined." Ahead of the LP's release tomorrow, he's dropped a second single, Dum Surfer, and an accompanying video.

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King Krule:
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