watch: emily ratajkowski smashes the kooples’ couples theme

She is enough, all by herself... plus this lovely collection of bags she designed.

by Charlotte Gush
14 September 2017, 10:21am

Apparently, hell hath no fury like Emily Ratajkowski scorned. In a new campaign film for the Kooples, EmRata breaks with the French brand's long-running theme of featuring couples, starring solo in a room-smashing, guitar-burning scene titled The Break Up. The model and naked-selfie-feminist is a fool for no man. She trashes what is presumably her idiot ex-lover's apartment, sparing nothing except a beautiful handbag, which was perhaps a gift from him, as she spray paints "I'm keeping the bag! x" on the wall of his apartment building.

But this is all creative licence, because Emily doesn't need a man to gift her bags. SHE DESIGNED THE DAMN THING HERSELF. That's why it's named after her – the full title is "Emily by The Kooples bag." It comes in mini, medium and maxi sizes, and in six colours: onyx black, carmine red, taupe, imperial yellow, midnight blue and jade green. Emily, you were probably too good for him. And even if you weren't, you still deserve to keep your own handbag.

Emily Ratajkowski
the kooples