kaws brings his iconic cartoon characters to paris in new exhibition

Everyone's favourite pop culture caroonist KAWS is coming to Paris' Galerie Perrotin with his latest exhibition, Permanent Vacation.

by Felicity Kinsella
24 November 2014, 1:15pm

The Stepping Stone Issue, July 2008

Cor blimey, everyone's favourite caricature artist KAWS is coming to Paris' Galerie Perrotin! The iconic pop culture caroonist will be showing his work with Eden Rock Gallery and Art Saint Barth in an exhibition titled with his biting sense of humour; Permanent Vacation

Obsessed by skeletons, worms and eyeballs, his work is like that of a prepubescent boy, Brian Donnelly aka KAWS lives in a world where everything is animated, monsters live under your bed and ghouls climb out of your closet to scare you half to death in the middle of the night, all for the hell of it… BOO! He paints heads over famous faces, adds horns in hairlines and sketches monster tails between legs in a stepping stone between sketchbooks, comics, fantasy and reality. His art is jawdroppingly impressive; to see one of his creations in the flesh is to amaze over how one man could create such a seemingly perfect product, all by hand and devoid of mechanical aid. 

Permanent Vacation
Man's Best Friend

is also the title of his latest dolphin-shaped painting which will be exhibited alongside the Brooklynite's new black and white series, , which depicts small details of Charles M. Schulz's iconic American comic strip, Peanuts' characters.

The exhibition will run from 26th November - 25th December 2014.

Check out our interview with KAWS from the The Stepping Stone Issue, July 2008, here!

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