i-D's alternative christmas speech by scottee

In years to come we’ll look back at 2014 and remember fondly the year we grew beards. If 2013 was the year of the triangle, 2014 was the year of the Captain Birds Eye look-a-like. 28-year-old British artist, writer and entertainer Scottee explains why...

by i-D Team
23 December 2014, 9:48am

Last week, whilst sat in a trendy independent café in up-and-coming Clapham, South London a friend described another friends Tinder date, "…he tucked his jeans into his socks, hipster!" I too had my jeans tucked into my socks - cue awkward silence.

Over the past 12 months hipsters have been given a bad press largely to do with the fact Little Mix have adopted the get up and eBay is rife with #hipsterinterest. Gone are the days of us using "that's so gay" as an insult and hello to "god, you're such a hipster".

Hipsters are now even attacking each other! Most hipsters don't like to be called out on their hipness, to be identified as a follower of anything goes against its values - internalised hipsterphobia is rife.

In short, to be hipster is to be naff, but I think it's time we reclaimed the slur and come forward as proud members. Now before you try to refute the hipster tag let me remind you that you're reading an online fashion magazine owned by Vice, you're favourite instagram filter is Valencia and you're probably wearing a jumper from Beyond Retro.

If we abandon hipster culture normcore will take over, a wash of plain sweaters and gross jeans will emerge as a result of Gap posting billboards across East London demanding we dress normally, Starbucks will reclaim the reclaimed doors currently used as tables in independent cafes and revert them to their original use and the Spice Girls will not longer be ironic - this isn't a world I want to live in.

OK, I'm being a little facetious but I think hipsters get a bad rap for looking and thinking a bit differently. As the world fights over oil, hipsters are biking around town, as Black Friday offers entice us to spend money on flat screen TV's, hipsters are questioning the provenance and looking for the Fair Trade stamp, as Primark churn out another 5,000 T-shirts, hipsters are trawling charity shops, whilst everyone is talking about UKIP, hipsters continue to vote Green.

Lets be clear, I'm not asking you to get a tattoo in elvish or move to a warehouse space in Walthamstow Village, I'm asking you to identify as hipster because hipster culture is missing a sense of community and reinvent what it stands for.

In times when non-political right wing groups like Britain First and EDL burgeon the world could do with a lefty, liberal counter voice. With identifiable members, hipster stops being an embarrassing trend and becomes a movement with ethics.

With any culture we have those awkward things we need to overlook in order for us to become comfortable with identifying with it - bloggers tables at overpriced hotels, mums taking their kids to school in wheelbarrows, and Box Park are just a few but I'd rather call myself a hipster whilst sipping my Fair Trade latte than conform with one from a tax dodging conglomerate.

So my message to you for 2015 my fellow hipsters, is go to your nearest cereal themed café, harvest honey from your rooftops and embrace hipster, for you, my friends, have the ability to change and challenge the norm, live life ethically and have a political point of view.

Merry Christmas and a Hispter New Year!



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