premiere: alix perez, 'had i known'

Trademark Perez grooves, deep bass and smooth vocals have got this one on repeat for us.

by James Hutchins
08 June 2016, 4:40pm

While Alix Perez may have dipped in and out of the limelight of the drum and bass world over the past few years, there's no doubt that the producer is considered a legend in the scene. From deep and soulful D&B to straight up tech bangers, the previously Shogun Audio homed producer's creative output spans from hip hop to footwork, all the way through to more thugged out experimental cuts on his trippy ARP 101 project. Now, Perez has returned with a new label of his own, 1985 Music. Taken from the labels debut EP Elephant Dreams, i-D is very pleased to share one of the warmer cuts from the EP: "Had I Known."

What's the thinking behind the new label 1985?
1985 has been something in the works and an idea of mine for a long time but it has only felt natural to go forward with it recently. I've had the vision for my own imprint for a while but at this point in time — or the last few months of build up to it — it has felt natural. I know exactly where I want to go with things in terms of the musical and visual aspect. I'm taking care of both sides as I graduated in design; it's great to be able to combine both sides together.

How did "Had I Known" come together?
I've had the main riff in my head for a long time and eventually had time to lay it down and base everything else around it. It's one of those tracks that came together very naturally.

The rest of the the Elephant Dreams EP is pretty heavy and yet in D&B circles you're known for that more soulful classic Perez sound like "Had I Known," is that something you're trying to get away from or is it just a natural progression and willingness to push further?
Throughout my career I've delved between the softer side of music and also the heavier, dark side of things and I felt that this first EP is a good representation of this. I've always been about diversity as a producer and the label is none different.

What can we expect in the future from the label?
There are no rules with the label, although it lays its roots in the 85/170 BPM bracket, there will be lots of variation from all kinds of artists in the future and that something will keep things exciting.


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