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Throwing a decent party is not the only skill of Celeste London's, turns out he's one hell of a selector and can slide together a blend of bangers that will turn any party up to 10. The 25 year old Hertfordshire born, East London resident Liam Klimek...

by i-D Team
19 January 2015, 1:35pm

"I started hosting the All My Friends parties in July of last year and we've had some amazing people in to play. From Alexander Nut to Snakehips to Bullion, the vibe's been mad. I usually round things off at the end of the night and figured it'd be nice to bring a mix together of the edits that seem to give the dance that warm and easy, hands-up, showdown. This year's set to be even bigger, with Hannah Faith joining us on Friday 6th February. 2015, year of the vibes."


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