​want to make it as a model? here’s how

The casting director for Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs shares her tips for making it to the top.

by Charlotte Gush
20 August 2015, 4:45pm

With the whole industry preparing for fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, Paris and beyond, the world's top models and new faces begin to vie for their place at the most prestigious and most exciting international catwalks. But just how do you become the queen of the runway?

In modelling, there are no immediate successes and you have to really love the job to reach the top: these are the two main pillars of advice from Anita Bitton, the woman behind Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs' catwalk casting. Speaking to Style.com, Bitton says, "These girls don't become stars overnight, none of them do… Just because I go to Sweden and see a girl at an agency, she isn't being discovered - she's a model waiting to be booked".

Anna Ewers is one of these girls who seemed to explode onto the scene out of nowhere, but Bitton says that, because Ewers was so "green" when Alexander Wang first met her, he said in touch with her for a long time before she because his muse. "When a designer sees a model that he loves, you know, that designer-muse relationship is unbreakable," Bitton explains, adding that Wang, "did discover [Ewers] for that moment, but it took more than 'discovery' to make her a star".

Speaking more generally about new faces, Bitton singles out one model who arrived on the scene fully formed and ready to go: "Aamito [Lagum] turned up ready, and in a French market, where it's very difficult to push the idea of diversity, she did so many shows...she is ready, she turns up on time, she's just a really impressive, spectacular human being," Bitton adds.

On new faces like Ewers, Lagum and Vanessa Moody, Bitton says, "These kids are splendid, they're brilliant. I like it when they love it". How about if you want a long career like Gisele, Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmermann? "They're amazing models," Bitton says, "And they like to model. Who wants to be around somebody who doesn't really want to be a model?"

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