drawing the line between satire and homage in hattie stewart’s doll house

London illustrator Hattie Stewart's first exhibition features re-imagined magazine covers, holograms and the sisters of anarchy.

by Lily Bonesso
06 February 2015, 11:00am

Doll House, Hattie Stewart's first London show at KK Outlet, included everything from her signature doodle-bombings (drawings over the top of magazine covers) to holograms of Kim Kardashian's Paper Mag cover, complete with a smiling heart-creature escaping from her spectacular ass. "I took it as a challenge, basically," Hattie told us at last night's opening, "I thought what can I do with only one month and what can I do that I've been wanting to do for so long?!"

The exhibition marks Stewart's transition from "mindless" doodling to a much more considered use of colour and composition. This heightened consideration extends to include a more considered concept. After obsessing about the bad dress sense of the women in Sons of Anarchy, Stewart took things into her own hands with her Sisters of Anarchy series of leather jackets. The jackets are a tribute to the strong sisterly bond, which exists between women, but is disregarded in the media, whilst the brotherhood of male gangs is glorified. Similarly, through her doodle-bombings, Stewart pays homage to the icons with which she feels a distant sisterhood (FKA Twigs) whilst simultaneously satirising those who have merely become caricatures of real women (Madonna).

Aside from the work, there was some really fantastic wallpaper. This was taken from a series of designs which will be used in a clothing collection for New York-based company Print All Over Me; another tribute to Stewart's notion of "applied illustration." As she puts it herself: "When I think about my characters, I think, 'They're having fun… but they don't exist… but I make them exist, so where can they hang out next?' Well… on walls, magazines, jackets, dungarees… and houses apparently? "My dream is to do a whole house! Where I was growing up in Essex we called them 'Go Bananas' but it's basically a Jungle Gym with a ball pit and everything - I want to make one of those but a whole house!" That's something we can't wait to see…

Doll House runs from the 6th to 28th February at KK Outlet, Hoxton Square.


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