Five things you need to know about Ed Marler, the newest Fashion Eastie

Ed Marler brings something fantastical to the fashion table - a glimpse of which we witnessed at his graduate show at Central St Martins in 2013. His fairytale vision of draped pastel robes, crowns and ornate detailing got us all intrigued, and pushed...

by Princess Julia
08 August 2014, 9:05pm

Photography Louie Banks

Ed Marler's personal style crosses over into his designs...
"How I'm dressing now is how the collection will look, and how I dressed before is how my degree show looked. I think how I dress helps me to work out what looks good and what doesn't. All of my heroes do it; Louise Gray - although she's not really a hero 'cause she's my friend, Galliano - his entrance on the catwalk is always in some crazy outfit. I don't understand how - if you really love something - you wouldn't dress like it." 

The signature Ed Marler look is...
"I think crowns will always be there. For this collection it's still the same look but completely different... it's a bit badder now. My graduate show was a bit childlike in an intentionally wrong way, it's not like that now. This time I want it to be much richer, opulent. I'm excited, I'm scared as well, I don't know if I should be freaking out or not, I've never done something on this scale before. I'm excited obviously. I'm looking forward to having something new to show people." 

Marler blurs gender...
"I was putting on men's clothes the other day, Matthew Josephs said, 'You can't wear men's clothes!' Not many of my own clothes are men's, most of my clothes are women's. I have both boys and girls modeling in my show, I want that to be something I always do. If a man wants to wears women's clothes and if woman want to wear men's clothes... I don't really see what the difference is.  

Ed Marler's creative life...
"At the moment I come here, go down to my basement, try and do some work and by 3 o'clock I go for a walkabout. I like having people around. Friends are important. People get annoyed with me though, I ask for their opinion and then won't listen to it. It's more about thinking out loud, I just have to get it out. Matthew Joseph's is styling it and Daniel Sallstrom is doing the make up, that's like my team. Matthew and I talk about things as we see them so it's quite natural. When I'm thinking about a collection I make up a little story. I put lots of different muses together, I'll look at loads of films and books, people from history or pop culture. I take what I like from each one. It's just quite a natural progression. There's not just one person though, there's a gang."  

On the subject of the future Ed says...
Wait and see, you never know do you? 



Text Princess Julia
Photography Louis Banks

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