the class of 2014 answers: what does success mean to you?

If success is not the key to happiness then happiness must be the key to success. We caught up with today's brightest young things to find out what success means to them. Introducing the Class of 2014, they’re mother.fucking.awesome.

by Tish Weinstock and Adam Fletcher
24 September 2014, 5:00pm

''Success means being content and happy in whatever the fuck you're doing in life.'' A$AP Rocky

''Success in my opinion is just happiness; self-contentment. It's about finding who the fuck I am and what path I'm meant to be on.'' Binx

''Basically doing anything it takes to get to that point that you want to get to, and not stopping till you actually get it.'' Lucien Clarke

''Success to me means more than I'd like it to.'' Frank Lebon

''I think success is being able to do what you want. When you know you've made something that you're very proud of, that's internal success. Success has to come from within first.'' MNEK

''Success to me is probably a feeling. I don't' really know what it is. You'll know it when you got it.'' Oliver Hadlee Pearch

''The ability to change someone's life, to create positive things.'' Petra Collins

''Success is to just be happy in your life. Success in terms of fame and money I think is actually not that charming.''

''Being able to give back to people that have helped me in the past. I also wouldn't mind buying a little Aston Martin.'' Ben Nordberg

''The opportunity to do something that impacts even one person's life as much as some of my idols' work and lives have impacted me. If I can give somebody even half of the inspiration that my idols have given me, and give them something that gets them through the hard times in their life, then I'll feel like my whole life has been successful. And having fun doing it.'' Gryphon O'Shea

''To be happy and free.'' Jacquemus

''I think it's about creating memories and surrounding yourself with people you enjoy being around and collaborating with, and having meaningful experiences.'' Gia Coppola

''Being happy.'' Joseph Turvey

''It means to me that I get to do what I love and I continue to love it. I'm so glad to be able to create art, that my way to communicate to the world is through song.'' Kwabs

''It's all about influence. I write songs and make music as I want to have this level of visibility where my ideas and the things that I'm trying to challenge and the things that are challenging me are accessible on a large scale.'' King Avriel

''Being able to continue doing my work and hopefully leave some kind of impression or whatever on menswear or fashion, and maybe try and cop a couple of quid in the meantime.'' Liam Hodges

''Being able to create things that can reach multi generations of people. To create a sense of happiness and nostalgia in lots of different kinds of people.'' Julia Baylis + Mayan Toledano

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