​watch arca writhe through the blue for his first track from 'mutant'

'Soichiro' is an urgent but atmospheric introduction to Arca’s hotly-anticipated second studio album.

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
30 September 2015, 4:18pm

Venezuelan producer Arca has revealed the first track from the hotly-anticipated follow up to his 2014 album Xen. Titled Mutant, the second album is set to drop in "late fall" according to his Instagram announcement about it two months ago.

The brand new track, which is called Soichiro after collaborator Jesse Kanda's middle name, has arrived along with a blue tinted video that sees a hazy depiction of Arca writhing about topless, mostly with his hands where we can't see them, mirroring his sensual and exposed on-stage performance style.

Scenic as ever, the instrumental track reprises Arca's signature spacey atmospherics, with an urgent production line of industrial noise and sharp but shimmering slices of synth. One of his more danceable offerings, the track has an almost verse-chorus form, but with all the weird squelches and distortions you would expect from the inventive Dalston-based producer.


Jesse Kanda