on the march with anish kapoor and ai weiwei

Photographer Micaela McLucas joined the artists as they marched across London in a show of solidarity with refugees.

by Micaela McLucas
17 September 2015, 4:10pm

Everyone on social media has been made aware that the legendary Ai Weiwei was finally allowed to travel to London for his exhibition opening this week at the Royal Academy of Arts. Weiwei has been posting photos all around the city and I, like everyone else, was on the edge of my seat scheming how I could possibly get a chance to meet one of the most important artists of our generation.

Then two days ago to my delight, Anish Kapoor took to his Instagram to post his own selfie with Weiwei, writing that the two have joined forces and called upon the public of London to join them in solidarity with the refugees as they walk across town. Starting at ten am people started to assemble front of the Royal Academy, clamouring with cameras and iPhones in hand to take photos as they traversed side by side all the way to the Olympic Park in Stratford to the foot of Kapoor's Orbit sculpture. 

The only thing that could compare to the power of their presence together was the hysteria that ensued with each fan that jumped one in front of the other to get that selfie, some even risking getting hit by oncoming cars. The two artists smiled and gracefully carried on, speaking to everyone that came up to them along the way, obviously including me. The walk concluded with Weiwei's son running into his arms and in true Ai Weiwei fashion, waving middle fingers in the air, everyone invigorated with joy. 

Ai Weiwei
Anish Kapoor
micaela mclucas