​listen to an unreleased track from bikini kill’s legendary demo session

Kathleen Hanna is perfectly petulant on a scuzzy track that didn’t make their debut album, but has been released ahead of its reissue.

by Charlotte Gush
19 August 2015, 8:20pm

One of the three unreleased, never-before-heard tracks from Revolution Girl Style Now, the 1991 demo of riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill, has been uploaded to the band's Soundcloud… and it is everything you had hoped it would be.

"You're not invited to my party anymore / My mom's calling your mom to tell her I don't like you," Kathleen Hanna whines over a slowed-down, doomy, but taunting "Na, na, na na, na" guitar. Titled Playground, the track has a scuzzy guitar track and a low twanging bass that perfectly compliment joyously bratty lyrics like, "Is somebody talking? Because I don't hear anything." There's even a faster, ska-influenced section, random "Hhwa"s and "Let's go!"s, and a sudden, plug-pull ending.

As i-D reported last month, Revolution Girl Style Now is finally being reissued, with a release on CD, vinyl and digital download slated for September 22. The album will also be reissued on cassette tape, for the real die hard fans intent on having as close to the 91 original as possible. The reissue will include the original eight tracks, plus Playground and two further previously unheard tracks.



Photography Sandra Gonzalez via Flickr

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