lily-rose depp gets behind bernie sanders

Between the newest Chanel muse, Lil B, and Katy Perry, the Democratic party’s dark horse is captivating a new generation.

by Emily Manning
13 August 2015, 5:45pm

Image via @lilyrose_depp

Beyonce and Pharrell might be team Hillary, but it looks like Clinton's competition for the Democratic party's presidential nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders, has found footing among a younger generation of progressively-minded stars. The 73-year-old self described "Democratic socialist" has been holding down Vermont in Congress since 91 -- serving in the House of Representatives until 2007, when he was elected to the Senate.

Yesterday, Chanel's newest campaign star and serially cool 16-year-old Lily-Rose Depp posted three Instagram snaps of Sanders' statements on wealth and income inequality from his campaign announcement address delivered in May. Although she won't be of voting age come November 2016, it's always heartening to see such an influential young person engaging with the issues impacting her future.

Earlier this week, Bay Area-based rapper Lil B went on CNN to speak on the Black Lives Matter movement and voice his support for Sanders. An early supporter of Clinton's campaign, the Based God said he's now backing Bernie due to his connections to the black community. "To win African-American voters you have to feel them," the rapper told CNN, stating that many candidates "don't understand what that means." Sanders is following the rapper on Twitter, and congratulated him on the appearance.

And although she previously offered to pen Hillary a theme song, Moschino campaign star Katy Perry is now following Bernie on Instagram. While she's yet to publicly voice her 2016 endorsement, Perry's co-sign would be huge for Bernie's young female contingent, where Clinton understandably leads.

Hillary might have a millennial playlist, even the support of OneDirection, but Bernie's bid for the youth vote is looking stronger by the day. 


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Image via @lilyrose_depp

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