class of 2016: connie constance is the blue daisy collaborator with blue eyebrows

Meet the future soul star who's just waiting to break out.

by Hattie Collins
23 November 2015, 7:10pm

20-year-old Connie Constance was born in Watford, but moved to London at the age of 16 to study dance. Since then, she's become a singer and writer after hooking up with producer Blue Daisy to create swoonsome songs like the sublime Stars. Here are 10 things we all need to know about Connie…

1. Connie made Stars with Blue Daisy. 
"Stars is about escapism. It's about going to a place away from all the shitty stuff happening in the world. I wrote it at the time I was living in London and I felt like bills were coming out of here, there and everywhere. I was like, 'Fuck this, can I can just chill?' I wrote it with Blue Daisy, who I met at a party. We wrote over half of it that first night. We've been working together for over a year and a half now."

2. She moved to London at the age of 16 to study dance and became a poet.
"I've written since I was quite young. I never thought I'd be able to sing and do this as a career until I was at dance school. It was there that I realized that singing and writing was what I loved, not dance."

3. She reads "like crazy."
"I'm currently reading two books: John Lennon's Skywriting by Word of Mouth, and Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. They're both completely different. My main interests are education and learning about art and music. I really want to travel too; that's something I can't wait to experience."

4. The most important people in Connie's life are her siblings. 
"My little sister is five-years-old; she's so clever and cute. Yesterday we hung out and built two houses and a car from our imagination. It was insane. My mom is fairly creative; she works for a charity where she has to come up with loads of ideas to raise money. My dad was a boxer. He's Nigerian and Jamaican and my mom's British. I think there's some Welsh or Scottish in there, too."

5. She's had some crappy jobs.
"The one I hated the most was Hollister. Actually, working at Selfridges, too, because if you're a girl, you have to wear heels. It was horrible. I never wear heels. I was working at the perfume counter and I had to stand there all day and no one came into my section. It was horrible but I earned a lot of money that day."

6. She's tipping three people for 2016. 
"Kojey Radical, Simz, obviously, and Loyle Carner."

7. Rihanna is Connie's ultimate pop icon. 
"Hands down, I am a fan. I don't actually know what would happen to me if I ever met her."

8. She's from Watford, which is, well, average. 
"It's an average place. Everyone's just … average. All the schools are pretty average, some are good, some are bad. It's just the same with the area in general: super shit areas and super nice areas."

9. She once met 
"He was the first famous person I met! I was in Cirque le Soir in London and he was sitting on a table. He was like 'hey'."

10. She has blue eyebrows. 
"This happened this week. They're a bit bold. They may not stay blue forever."


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Text Hattie Collins
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Connie Constance
Class of 2016