they woke up like this: 10 creative women in bed

Rebekah Campbell photographs the most creative young women in New York, before they start their days.

by i-D Staff
19 October 2015, 12:50pm

Olivia Bee, 21, Photographer

How do you sleep? Way too deep, but with no consistency. Often in hotel rooms and tents and cars and couches and floors and outside. I sleep on my back, on my side, on my stomach, all spread out, curled up like a foetus. Alone, with one person, with five.

What's your morning routine? When I'm in living-out-of-suitcase mode, I just jump out of bed and I have no options for outfits anyway, so I just throw whatever on and put mascara on and then eat. I need to eat as soon as I wake up or I'm a nightmare. Even when I have 3am calltimes, I have to eat immediately. When I have time, I run before I start my day, take an ice cold shower, drink iced tea, and listen to Drake or The Byrds.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Get sexy and have long conversations. Bed is reserved for sleeping, talking, or sexing. Nothing else. No work. It needs to be a safe place. When I first moved to New York, my bed was also my desk and I would be having sex and thinking about email. That's terrible. I'm so glad I figured that out.

Are mornings creative for you? Dawn and dusk are my most inspiring times. I come alive when I can just exist in beautiful light. 

Brandee Brown, Director

How do you sleep? Like a starfish, even when someone is in the bed with me.

What's your morning routine? I wake up, I stare at the wall and rub my eyes, then I do a bit of aimless walking about, open the fridge but take nothing out, hygiene stuff, and then I guess after all of that backbreaking work is done it's time to get to work.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Read, watch movies, stare at my vibrators from a safe distance and eat pizza!

Are mornings creative for you? Yes I would say they are, that's when I seem to dream the most.

Kay Kasparhauser, 25, Musician

How do you sleep? Naked and reluctant.

Describe a recent dream. Chevy Chase kidnapped me but like I was into it and then we were eating Kozy Shack puddings in a parking lot and my high school boyfriend was there and he said this cake I baked was dry and then I was at Equinox and Chevy Chase was still there and all the TVs were playing a NOVA episode about Easter Island.

What's your morning routine? Wake up, lie in bed trying to make myself go back to sleep, give up, make my bed, drink coffee, go on Instagram.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Literally basically everything except for eating and working out and also sometimes working out.

Are mornings creative for you? Yes, actually very much so.

Gia Seo, 24, Editor at Jeffrey New York

How do you sleep? Not well.

Describe a recent dream. I recently had a dream that I was a dragon trying to protect a crop of sheep from humanity.

What's your morning routine? I set about 5 alarms to ensure I wake up in a timely manner for work. I sprint out of bed, shower if I have time, if not a black cap on my head will do. Mascara, face lotion, fill the trusty water bottle, grab a book, out the door.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? I generally will watch a movie, or read a book, sometimes even snack in bed. When I have styling work, my bed becomes my work station for all of the things I have pulled, which means sleeping on top of the clothes or on the couch!

Are mornings creative for you? Between working and sleeping, there's not much time in the morning to think straight. If you were asking me about an evening, that is a different story to be told.

Paloma Elsesser, 23, model and writer

How do you sleep? On my side, in my man's arms.

Describe a recent dream. I took ayahuasca and met every woman in my family throughout hundreds of years and I had rose water coming out my eyeballs.

What's your morning routine? Lay in bed for a little too long, wash my face, make some breakfast.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Dream, laugh, read, cry, write

Are mornings creative for you? More like late nights that roll into early mornings.

Camilla Deterre, 24, restauranteur

How do you sleep? Cuddles.

What's your morning routine? I'm still learning the whole routine thing. I guess I wake up early and lay around. Go get coffee and then start working.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Secrets.

Are mornings creative for you? Yeah, I like the morning a lot.

Samantha Urbani, 28, musician

How do you sleep? Like a baby! I wake up every 2 hours, wet myself and cry. (That's someone else's joke but I don't remember who)

Describe a recent dream. Lately they're mostly heartbreak nightmares.

What's your morning routine? 200 push ups.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Everything I possibly can. Lately, I mostly hang out with my friends in bed.

Are mornings creative for you? Morning is a very relative concept! My sleep patterns are irregular. I often write songs based on melodies I hear in dreams. Every day is different, every action is creative, right?!

Jude Liana, 22, model

How do you sleep? Wall side of the bed, fetal position, naked.

Describe a recent dream. I was skydiving with two friends and my parachute failed, but luckily there was a Walgreens on the way down (it floated in the middle of the sky) for skydivers to stop at, so we landed there and fixed my parachute with the help of Tyrese Gibson.

What's your morning routine? Wake my body up, then wake my mind up, check my phone, lurk the internet, put phone away, make a cup of coffee and throw on some morning music.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? When I'm single? Tarot cards, HBO, eat. If i'm in a relationship, all those things plus the obvious.

Are mornings creative for you? Lately they have been very creative. I try my best to rise and grind as early as possible.

Alice Lancaster, 30, artist

How do you sleep? With my sound machine. I like "thunder" the best.

Describe a recent dream. I typed this in the "notes" section on my phone to remember this dream: 8 year old trying to get into my room and kill me. Twin babies climbing up a rock to me, old lady falls and hits her head. I freak out.

What's your morning routine? Lately I've been sleeping in late, getting breakfast at Dimes which includes drawing on napkins with hot sauce and avocado, and then taking a walk around the city.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Watch movies, draw, cry, practice headstands.

Are mornings creative for you? They're not a productive time for me but the beginning of the day is always inspiring.

Lauryn Holmquist, 25, photographer and model

How do you sleep? With reruns of Law and Order SVU and one eye open.

What's your morning routine? Otis Redding, stretch, coffee, breakfast, emails.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? I read a lot in bed and sometimes veg out while editing photos with a bowl of pretzels next to me.

Are mornings creative for you? Night time creativity is something I'm more familiar with.

How do you get inspired? I watch my favorite movies, documentaries, listen to Beach House and dance around. Whiskey also always gets your blood flowing.


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