the ​kanye and kim story gets retold as kid’s book

Bound 2gether is a cute reworking of the Kimye romance (even if Kim is a baby chicken to Kanye's man).

by Stuart Brumfitt
14 May 2015, 1:46pm

Kanye and Kim's romance is the stuff of fairytales, so it's little wonder that graphic designer and illustrator Zak Tebbal decided to turn their story into a cute lil kid's book. "The idea originated in my senior design thesis class when I was asked to take a piece of art that is important to me, and to translate it into a new form or medium," Tebbal told us. "I chose the music video for Bound 2 because I'm a huge Kanye fan and in a live performance of the song he sang the line 'One good chick is worth a thousand chickens', which sounded like the perfect line for a children's book. The plot really revolves around that one line."

In the story, Kanye is "the coolest kid in town" and Kim is "the cutest chick around" and she soon becomes is favorite. But when Kim sees Kanye playing with the other chickens, she runs away.

We catch her looking at her own sad reflection in a puddle (a neat nod to Narcissus). Kanye looks for her all night and ALL DAY and when they do finally find each other, there is much joy, then, like any good kid's story, it ends with an instructive moral. Think on this: "One good chick is worth one thousand chickens." So have Kim and Kanye reached out to him yet? "No, but I'm hoping they do, so I can send them a copy for little North!"

Check out the full story here

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