enter magdalena wosinska's nude dream world

Paradise exists, and it's in Magdalena's photography.

by Sarah Raphael
09 April 2015, 3:25pm

Ah to live in one of Magdalena Wosinska's pictures; her life looks like a box of chocolates. Yesterday, she posted a shot on Instagram of two women underwater doing that heavy metal gesture that used to be written like \m/ with the tagline 'metal mermaids'. Today, it's a photo of Magda reaching for the sky in a leopard print thong bikini standing on a branch overlooking paradise. Boats, rainforests, tropical islands, waterfalls, sunsets and mountains - the backdrops to her self-portraits are every place you want to be right now. Sadly, you're at your desk.

Born in Arizona, Magda has been traveling the world for the last four years taking beautifully composed pictures that feature herself at the center of a breath-taking landscape, often nude, innocent like Eve in paradise before the fall, or Botticelli's Venus, melding together physical and spiritual beauty. There is something pure and timeless about her work and her approach to nudity. Aptly named The Experience, the collection of photographs form the basis of a book and exhibition, on show at London's Webber Gallery on April 22.

i-D spoke to Magda about her images in the context of the recent free the nipple campaign and the conversation around reclaiming the female body in an age of social media censorship.

Where have you been sailing? How was it?
Sailing was AMAZING! It's one of the best ways to travel. I sailed with four of my close girlfriends from Antigua, island-hopping to Grenada across the Caribbean. I'm so grateful for these adventures, it's so inspiring to see the world with a view of the ocean.

Your locations for your photographs are stunning, what's the most beautiful place you have been to? And where would you like to return? 
One of my favorite places is Iceland. But I love places all over like Savannah in Georgia, or the Amalfi Coast in Italy - that's maybe the place I'd love to go back to most, and hike The Path Of The Gods again. Most amazing hike I have ever been on with ruins of old farmhouses on inverted cliffs.

Which female photographers do you look up to?
I adore Hilary Walsh; everything about her. Vivian Maier also took some amazing photographs.

When you're shooting a woman who is nude or partially nude, are you aware of her nakedness? Is the fact that she's naked an issue?
It's never an issue but I am very aware because I want to make the other person feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

How do you make a person comfortable in that situation?
Just by talking and relating to them, really showing them we are all equal. No one person is better than another. We all have our job. Perhaps most importantly, by appreciating them.

How do you feel about Instagram's no nipple rule? 
I'm just used to it. I'm afraid to show a butt! Is that not allowed either or have I been missing out on posting butt photos?!

Do you worry that your intention in your photographs might be taken out of context, and someone might look at your images because there's nudity?
I've heard it all, but I know my purpose in taking nude images. For me it has nothing to do with attention grabbing or the fact that sex sells, if that was the case, the pictures would be vulgar and made for shock value. I just believe in creating something timeless and in nudity you can achieve that with a simple calm pose in a beautiful landscape. It feels so freeing to me, so I guess I can't be bothered with closed-minded people, or a negative perception of something so pure and beautiful. Or maybe some people are just scared of nudity and that's a shame...After all, you are born naked, where is the fault in that?

How did you find the confidence to pose yourself in your pictures?
There was no one else around and I didn't want to shoot landscapes :)

What do you think of the selfie generation? Do you think it has had or will have a positive or negative impact on society?
I don't really pay attention to it. Everyone has an opinion about it but I stick to my own bubble for the most part.

We've just done a story on #freethenipple in Iceland. When you were there, did you find the culture open? Did you feel it was particularly progressive or non-progressive in feminism?
Iceland is full of some of the smartest youth I have ever encountered. I do believe they are very open. Maybe timid at first, but defiantly open.

What do you think is the most beautiful part of a woman?
On the outside, her smile. On the inside, her brilliant mind.



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