tavi’s kids: five high school fashion bloggers to watch

From New Jersey to South Africa, meet the next generation of fashion and style bloggers set to inherit the OG Style Rookie’s teen queen throne.

by Emily Manning
22 April 2015, 2:55pm

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We are all familiar with Tavi Gevinson's rise from 11-year-old Style Rookie to the full-fledged teen media queen behind Rookie mag, but that doesn't make her story any less exceptional. By sharing her thoughts on David Lynch, and Halloween meets grandma chic #OOTDs, the then 12-year-old helped prove that age ain't nothin but a number, breaking open the fashion and feminist floodgates for a new generation of talented teens with something important to say. Now that Tavi has graduated from suburban Chicago's Oak Park and River Forest High and is slated to start classes at NYU next semester, we've been scouring the internet's virtual high school halls for a crop of young bloggers as fearless as the girl who started it all. Here's who we found:

Photography Maggie Wilde via Crybaby Zine

Crybaby Zine: Headed up by 16-year-old New Jersey native Remi Riordan, Crybaby Zine is a kick ass compendium of interviews with creative young women from New York to Santa Barbara, poems, illustrations, short stories, mixtapes, seriously rad photo series, and other bedroom musings. Not only has Crybaby featured the likes of artist, actress, and i-D fave India Menuez, but the zine is also holding it down for donuts and stickers. Major win.

Image via How to Survive as a Fashionable Teenager

How to Survive as a Fashionable Teenager: If you're looking for guides to dressing for winter, dating, or what to watch on Netflix (all welcome advice for navigating the world as a stylish teen), you won't find them on How to Survive as a Fashionable Teenager. Sixteen-year-old Brit blogger Róisín Tapponi saves her outfit snaps and selfies for her Instagram account, instead using her blog as a platform to publish show and book reviews, astute think pieces, and interviews with industry insiders. Róisín's blog suggests that surviving in the fashion industry means you've gotta have substance along with style.  

Image via Tolly Dosh Posh

Tolly Dolly Posh: Emoji themed outfits, pom-pom tutorials, and roundups like "9 Pairs of Shoes Kimmy Schmidt Would Totally Purchase": step inside the adorable world of Tolmeia, the 14-year-old behind British style blog Tolly Dosh Posh. The daughter of a former Mulburry bag designer, Tolly got her start blogging at age 11 (sound familiar?) and has since been spotlighted by Telegraph and BBC Radio for her spot-on sartorial taste and infectious enthusiasm. In addition to uploading scans of her scrapbooks and shots of her daring daily outfits, Tolly posts her design illustrations as her dream is to one day "become a fashion designer, and to make people happy and confident in what they wear."

Image via Rose and Vintage

Rose and Vintage: Rose and Vintage is the style diary of Ellie, a 17-year-old Brit who's KILLING the vintage game and sharing her adventures at sea shell shops and drawing class along the way. But Ellie's not like "vintage" bloggers who drop 400 bucks on a Harley Davidson t-shirt at Urban Outfitters; she scours the rails at London's thrifts for sick 70s inspired paisley and prints. Ellie also blogs for some of the city's larger vintage spots like Rokit and Beyond Retro. She's even covered a few LFW shows (and unsurprisingly, considering her penchant for leopard faux fur, had lovely things to say about Hannah Weiland's Shrimps presentation last season.)

Image via Glitter Daiquiri

Glitter Daiquiri: Khensani Mohlatlole isn't here to "show people how to take a ruffled skirt from day to night nor...to advocate the importance of expensive jeans." That's cool with us, because we'd much rather read what the 17-year-old South African has to say about listening to King Krule and why early 2000s style was fire, shout out to Raven Baxter and all. She covers South African fashion week, sings Jungle Pussy's praises (we feel you on that one), and snaps shots of her super stylish crew at bodegas and bangers. 


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