​i-D regulars olivia rose and paris lees recognised at the words by women awards

Sisters are doing it for themselves.

by Hattie Collins
22 March 2016, 11:55am

Photography Olivia Rose

i-D family Olivia Rose and Paris Lees were celebrated at the inaugural Words by Women awards last night. Rose was awarded 'Photographer of the Year', while Lees won in the 'Comment' category. Set up to redress the lack of recognition towards women in the male dominated media, Words By Women attracted judges including Sky's Kay Burley, Independent on Sunday Editor Lisa Markwell and Vice Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Nicholson.

Taking place last night at the Groucho Club in London, the awards were set up by Marie Le Conte (Evening Standard), Mollie Goodfellow (Sky News), Emily Reynolds (Wired) and Robyn Vinter (London Loves Business). Other women awarded for their utter awesomeness included The Time's Federico Cocco, The Guardian's Helen Pidd and freelancers Daisy Buchanan and Dawn Foster

Rose, who has shot a number of features for i-D including Future, Stormzy and Sampha, was thrilled to have been recognised. "As someone who has tirelessly worked to document subcultures and represent the under represented in photography, this award is more for my sitters than it is for me," Rose said. "Considering myself a roaming sociologist before a photographer, I owe any accolades to the time and understanding of every one of my subjects. I'm extremely flattered to have been shortlisted and completely flabbergasted that I have won! Congratulations to all of the other winners... Sisters are doing it for themselves!!!"

Said Paris: "I'm so delighted to be honoured with this award, not just from a personal perspective but because of the message that it sends out to people who aren't fully supportive of trans rights. I mean, how stupid are these people looking in 2016 as more and more trans people are celebrated and welcomed into the mainstream (and women's spaces) with love and respect? I'm from a rough council estate in Nottingham and was never brought up to believe that my voice mattered - so this award means a lot to me and I'm in awe of the other nominees and the wonderful women who made the event happen. Sadly we still have to tackle sexism, classism, racism, homophobia and transphobia in journalism, just as we do in every area of life. As people who have suffered oppression, whatever that oppression may be, by pulling together can we make a real difference."


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