​there's a chinese media blackout over the hong kong film awards best picture

A dystopian collection of shorts about the future of China claimed the main prize, but you wouldn't know that from reading local news sources.

by Matthew Whitehouse
04 April 2016, 5:38pm

Of course we all know the worst thing about censorship is [redacted], but that's exactly what happened at the last night's Hong Kong Film Awards when a controversial film about the future of the region took home the Best Picture award. Set in 2025, the low-budget Ten Years is a bleak and ominous prediction of life under Chinese Communist Party rule, and if there's one thing the Chinese Communist Party hates, it's bleak and ominous predictions of life under the censorship-happy, one party state.

Despite the film playing to packed theaters in Hong Kong (raking in around $6 million in the process), Chinese media has so far given either muted or entirely non-existent coverage of the award, with some TV stations pulling out of the ceremony altogether. "If you ask me what Beijing might feel towards us, I would say it doesn't really matter," said one of the film's directors, Ng Ka-leung, to the Guardian. "We just hope that Hong Kong people can share our feelings. We would like people to think about the future of Hong Kong." The filmmakers are in talks with distributors for an international release. 


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