molly soda’s internet spellbook can help you stop insta stalking your ex

And make you appear more attractive in selfies.

by Alice Newell-Hanson and Alice Hines
28 July 2015, 5:20pm

The most widely practiced magical tradition today, Wicca, came from the forests of northern England (it's true, I interviewed a witch last month). But what happens when you don't live in a rural, agricultural society and you're more concerned about your follower count than your crops? Luckily, internet artist and oracle Molly Soda has created the spellbook for you. In it, she outlines a new kind of witchcraft, one that can help you with timely questions like, "Shit, I broke my phone, what do I do?" and "How do I banish this troll?"

Hosted by the digital art platform, NewHive, the spellbook is an internet artwork with all of Soda's usual Tumblr stylings: glitchy GIF backgrounds, clipart (of pentagrams and flaming keyboards) and janky hot pink typography. It contains eight spells in total, all of which call for ingredients you can probably find in your own home. To get someone to like your social media post, you only need a USB stick and some rose petals. You can fix a cellphone with some honey and boiling water. And you're only a webcam and a glitter-filled bath away from appearing more attractive in selfies.


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Images courtesy Molly Soda

Molly Soda