calling all snakey friends – new popstar blossom caldarone wrote a song for you

Lily Allen circa 2006, but make it 2k18.

by Frankie Dunn
12 February 2018, 4:29pm

Aren't Fickle Friends just the worst? I know it, you know it and 18-year-old Londoner Blossom Caldarone is so sure of it that she wrote a whole song on the subject. Inspired by that slap in the face that reality gives you post-school, her new single Fickle Friend narrates the soul-consuming process of working out who your real pals are. “It’s about when someone does a few small things that make you question everything your friendship is built on,” the indie popper told i-D over email.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at the accompanying music video for you today. Full of great styling, cute (not fickle) friends, and is that an Ellie Kamio cameo we see? "The video features some amazing musicians and friends which made the shoot so much fun!” Blossom continued. “I wanted the visuals to feel staged and fake, sort of like the people the song is about. Shout out to the snakes we’re all trying to avoid!” Watch this, and then keep watching Blossom Caldarone.

Serenade your fake friends IRL when Blossom plays at The Ivy Housein Peckham on 20 March

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