Photography Susie Lau

yas queen: her royal highness makes a fashion week debut

Casual front row.

by Georgie Wright
20 February 2018, 6:17pm

Photography Susie Lau

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

Her Royal Highness The Queen just turned up at London Fashion Week. Just coiffed her crown, popped on one of her 1823 housecoats in varying shades of pastel, and perched her royal arse right next to another bob of equally majestic esteem, Anna Wintour.

The show was Richard Quinn’s, to whomst she later bestowed thy newly minted Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design to. In a fitting ode to his royal guest, the collection was dotted with elements of her wardrobe. Alas, fellow subject, this did not include a selection of oversized rotund hats, nor any pedigree corgis being trotted down the runway. Which is just as well because I can say from experience that dogs on a runway is the literal opposite of a calm experience befit for a Queen.

Rather, it was Richard Quinn’s notable prints that worked as a nod to her famous silk scarf selection. Particularly, Quinn told us after the show, “A tongue and cheek take on Balmoral,” (Balmoral being her casual Scottish holiday castle). Particularly, the part when she’s cantering up a countryside lane in a hot convertible horse and carriage and her scarf kind of flicks into her face a tad.

Photography Susie Lau

(Bonus game: tag the secret service agents! At least now we know why Anna always wears sunnies).

Surprising as it may seem, this isn’t Lizzy’s first foray into the heady world of high fashion as of late. Just last night she invited a notably of-the-moment cast fashion flock round to Buckingham for one her approximate 4 G&Ts she knocks back a day — including Ashley Williams, Adwoa Aboah, and Naomi Campbell. She’s not a regular grandma, she’s a cool grandma!

Photography Susie Lau
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