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how to avoid being a huge mess this pride

From vitamins to vital cinema, i-D's guide to having a happy, sober Pride.

by Taylor Ghrist
18 June 2018, 4:49pm

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It’s Pride 2018. This year you’re sober, or at least considering a “more” sober lifestyle. You don’t remember Pride last year because you were too inebriated while Kesha busted through the speakers and you lost your harness while the Uber driver couldn’t find your phone that you “supposedly” left in the back seat connected to the aux cord. It might’ve been fun. But, who knows? This year, you tell yourself, “I’m going to take it easy.” Don’t worry. We have you covered. This year’s Pride is going to be flat-out enlightening and chic as fuck. Pass that La Croix and buckle up because we’re celebrating Pride without partying — and becoming better versions of ourselves. After all, laying low isn’t so terrible, considering what dramz you might potentially avoid.

Essential LGBTQ Cinema

Stay at home and relax. You went hard last weekend and you should probably save some money. The following films are some mandatory viewings that you may enjoy during this year’s Pride from the convenience of your couch or, shall I say, bed.

Kenneth Anger’s Magick Lantern Cycle (1947)
Kenneth Anger’s work has been influential for many queer artists, musicians and filmmakers alike. Binge watch all the short films in the Magick Lantern Cycle, a collection of nine short films that date back to Anger’s Fireworks from 1947. One of the first openly gay filmmakers, Anger’s surrealist work delves into the occult and homoerotic fantasy landscape.

Andrew Haigh’s Weekend (2011)
The ever-so-relatable story of two strangers that become acquainted over a weekend, resulting in a full arc of emotional connection. Mostly shot in an apartment, the film’s atmosphere is so intimate and raw that by the time you’ve invested your time with these two men, your heart will break just as much as theirs when they have to say goodbye.

Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra (2013)
Based on a true story recounting the true story of pianist Liberace and his lover Scott Thorston’s relationship, this dramatized HBO film is entertaining and features what is perhaps Michael Douglas’ best performance yet. We highly recommend this to anyone who has a fondness for Boogie Nights, 70s nostalgia, poppers, and daddies.

Stephen Frears's My Beautiful Launderette (1985)
Frears’s groundbreaking film, set in London, explores a relationship between a young Pakistani man (Gordon Warnecke) running a family relative’s laundromat and a rebellious punk (Daniel Day Lewis). There’s now a television series in works with The Big Sick’s Kumail Nanjiani that will touch upon LGBTQ issues and immigration.

Bruce LaBruce’s Hustler White (1996)
Hustler White immediately opens with a scene that gives homage to Billy Wilder’s camp classic Sunset Boulevard. Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce has never shied away from male nudity, sadomasochism, and festishism, and Hustler White centers on male hustlers in West Hollywood, California, starring Calvin Klein underwear hunk Tony Ward. There’s a controversial amputee sex scene in this one for those who have a voracious appetite for edgier cinema. You’ll never forget Hustler White.

Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein (1993)
Derek Jarman, former set designer for Ken Russell’s cult classic The Devils, is an exceptional filmmaker whose work is often historically abstract and lush in detail. For starters, Jarman’s 1993 film Wittgenstein is a cinematic vision, from its outstanding set design to breathtaking costumes that will inspire your moodboard. The film centers on the life of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and is loosely based on his life. Its theatrical backdrop and stylish antics are essentially queer and thought-provoking. Make sure to check Jarman’s other homoerotic work including Caravaggio (1986), a fictional account of baroque artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, and the musical punk bombshell Jubilee (1978), which features performances by Adam and the Ants, Toya Wilcox, Wayne County of Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, and Jordan.

Jennie Livingston’s Paris is Burning (1990)
Paris is Burning is a quintessential documentary that explores New York ball culture from the early to mid-80s. It’s importance is still relevant as it examines race, gender, class, transgender, Latino-American, and African American communities. The film wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award, which led to speculation that the subject material was excluded The United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress recognized the film as “being culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” in 2016.

Know Your References

Divas have laid a lot of groundwork for the LGBTQ community, so it’s extremely important to educate ourselves when it comes to sampling music, the influences that echo, and the originators. We’ve all had a moment where a track plays and we abashedly press the Shazam button. Of course, the iPhone screen is hidden for the sake of our embarrassment, especially when others are belting the lyrics and your mouth is stumbling. Look no further than, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

Love Diana Ross? Search “Diana Ross” and take a further look into other artists’ works that have sampled the Queen. It turns out that she’s been sampled 467 times, which comes as no surprise because, well, she’s Diana Ross. There are probably more samples out there but we can start with that. What makes this website even more convenient is that it pairs the original with the sampled and has a feature that jumps to the exact time used. Have fun making some new playlists for your squirrel friends.

She's a (Vitamin) Pill Popper

Self-inventory and making new resolutions shouldn’t be exclusively kept for New Years. Summer has sprung, so perhaps it could be a great time to train ourselves for the harsh winter. Got depression? Start taking B-complex vitamins. Alcohol, nicotine, and sugar may deplete the body of these vitamins, resulting in lethargy, anxiety, and depression, creating a deficiency.

Growing your hair out? Pop some Vitamin C, Vitamin B7, Vitamin H, and Niacin.

Are you the friend that keeps forgetting plans you made? Pop some omega-3 fatty acids, ginkgo biloba, and vitamin B-12. These help with focusing and memory.

Hydrating skin? Omega 3-fatty acids. Skin strengthening? Vitamins B1+B6. Antioxidants? Vitamins A, C, + E. Skin clearing? Probiotics. Protecting skin? Latin American fern polypodium leucotomos is a top anti-aging supplement that helps with collagen production.

Time to reevaluate your daily routine.

I Can’t, I’m Late for a Meeting

While the idea of attending an AA meeting to celebrate Pride may seem laughable, it’s a strong support system for many of our brothers and sisters that has saved many lives. It also helps you stay grounded and forces you to get out of your head by listening to other perspectives that reveal themselves to us. Pride isn’t always fun for everyone, especially those grief-stricken, single, and struggling with addiction. If you have a friend who needs help, reach out. If that sounds like a reach, just take a moment to reach out in other ways. Volunteer or donate to a cause! Nothing says Pride like helping others out. Statistics show that substance abuse and mental health risks are high for our community. Let’s stand together.

Thanks, It’s Vintage

Time to plan a new wardrobe for the remainder of 2018? While we’re all aware of Etsy, DePop, and Ebay, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. There are certain designers that are way too avant-garde or certain signature pieces that you’re on the hunt for that you must have. Let’s face it. Japanese design is way cool. Let me introduce to you the wonderful world of Japanese Yahoo Auctions.

Just go to and if you can’t seem to find what you want I suggest using that Google Translate.

You’re welcome.

Tips for Staying Sober and Living it up During Pride

Have a sober friend.
It will motivate you and you can just laugh at everyone making fools of themselves. It’s also good to get advice from someone else regarding the night’s step that could end terribly wrong.

Bring lollipops.
Sweetness cuts down craving from alcohol. Have something that you can always hold in your hand. Lollipops are cute too.

Bring chewing gum.
It helps with cutting down on cigarettes while you’re not drinking.

No one wants to fall in love with a slob. You’ll feel in full control without feeling buzzed on drugs and alcohol. It’s easier to look sexy when you know you’re doing it right and not falling over the barstool.

It's stimulating, so if there’s good music then there’s a good time.

Set a time to leave.
It’s always good to have a framework for what you’ll do. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. This queen needs beauty sleep and not a pounding headache.

Happy Pride my brothers and sisters! Muah!

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