donald glover and rashida jones made an anti harassment psa

An animated guide from Time’s Up.

by i-D Team
27 June 2018, 7:16am

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Donald Glover and Rashida Jones have joined forces with Time’s Up to release a PSA video about sexual harassment. The animated short film was created to answer questions relating to appropriate behaviour in the workplace, with Rashida directing the piece while Donald lends his voice to the narration.

Over the course of the video Donald answers frequently asked questions ranging from “is it ok to greet a coworker with a deep full-body hug?” to “is it ok to think a coworker looks sexy in their pants” to “is it ok to ask someone out at work?” All of these questions and more are answered in a simple and explanatory way that covers a lot of everyday interactions.

The video finishes by directing viewers with more questions to visit www-dot-dontpullyourdickoutatwork-dot-obviously, a fictional website that doesn’t really work. However a real website that does in fact work is which you can visit for more information or to donate to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

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