king princess has recorded a new song with mark ronson

The singer-songwriter has teamed up with Tiffany & Co. and Mark Ronson to record a dreamy cover of The Turtle's classic love song 'Happy Together'.

by i-D Staff
04 October 2019, 7:00am

It might be the spookiest month of the year rather than the most romantic, but love is very much in the air this October. That's partially thanks to Queen of our Hearts, King Princess. The musician has collaborated with Tiffany & Co. as the iconic brand release their his and hers fragrances, Tiffany & Love.

Tiffany & Love is the next chapter in perfumery for Tiffany & Co., celebrating the values of love and commitment that are so intrinsic to the brand (there's a reason Tiffany engagement rings are on the Pinterest boards of every happily coupled up ~lifestyle influencer~ you follow on Instagram).

To accompany photographer Cass Bird's black-and-white campaign, King Princess has teamed up with Mark Ronson on a cover of The Turtle's iconic ode to love, "Happy Together". You can listen to the full thing below, but first, we had a quick chat with the musician about nostalgia, the recording process and what scents make her happy.

Tell us about the working on the Tiffany & Love campaign?
I got a call to come in with Mark to do a new interpretation on a classics song for a Tiffany fragrance campaign about love and appreciation. We got together and just banged out this great song.

What’s it like to record "Happy Together" with Mark?
As per usual, it’s always a pleasure to be in the studio with Marky Mark. It’s all in the family and feels very comfortable working together. He’s my dude. It’s always great working with each other because we know that our work complements each other, we push each other, and we make great music. The music is rock and rolling.

Tiffany & Love fragrance is all about celebrating the various forms of love. What’s your idea of modern love?
Modern love represents types of love that may have not been celebrated or acknowledged in the past -- and it’s important for us to experience it. Diverse representation and inclusivity of love is more present in our media, represented in campaigns, represented in TV shows, and music, and I think that those love stories are waiting to be told.

What comes to mind when you smell these 2 new fragrances -- for Her and for Him? Do you gravitate more towards one or the other?
I’m into scents that are both masculine and feminine. They both have a sort of freshness that I like. I like the earthiness of for Him and boldness of for Her.

If happiness were a smell, what would it smell like and why?
The pretty outdoors! Fresh, clean, non-polluted air. Smell is super nostalgic.

What did your childhood smell like?
New York City in the summer. It’s warm, familiar and fun. Hot summer in the city.

Who is the best smelling celebrity you’ve ever met and what did they smell like?
Everyone smells pretty good to me.

Is there a place that just always smells so good to you? Where is it and what does it smell like?
The studio for sure. It smells like old musical equipment, of people jamming out in one space, creativity and making great music.

If your music had a smell, what would it be and why?
Creative. Herbaceous.

If you could scent the venue of one of your gigs, what smell would you choose and why?
Something that’s familial and warm. My shows are safe, fun and open. Fragrance and scents makes you feel a certain way. I want my fans to be themselves and rock out


'Tiffany & Love' is available now at John Lewis.

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