priscavera harnesses heaven and hell

This season's moody color palette, mixed with fiery metallics, explores the dualities within.

by Nicole DeMarco
12 February 2019, 2:08pm

Photography Mitchell Sams 

PRISCAVera caught our eye a few years ago, as one of the experimental young brands making New York Fashion Week fun, and Italian-born designer Prisca Vera Franchetti’s relaxed and refined elegant aesthetic continues to evolve. This season took inspiration from the notion that the world is reflected and changed by what we wear, and the way textile, cut, shape, and pattern shape us. “The Angels and demons we have inside are revealed, contained, organized or simply let loose on our bodies through what we put on. We wear our moods and we wrap fabric around our emotions; when we can no longer speak, our clothing can fill the gaps and reveal or conceal our inner worlds. Perhaps above all, clothes can help us navigate our inner contradictions and allow the heavens and hells inside us coexist,” she said in a press release.

Clothes-wise, this internal duality comes across in a mix of both moody and playful colors. Bright silk dresses with feminine silhouettes are followed by rubber workwear with a 90s goth girl feel, and the makeup and hair to match. The collection also features a number of prints — cool tartan plaids and cut up stripes — worn separately or together. However, it’s a pair of fiery orange metallic pants, also worn by Prisca herself, and the glossy white angel dress, done in a stunning semi-sheer velvet, that have us questioning whether to side with the devil or the angel sitting patiently on our shoulder. Though we certainly don’t have to choose one over the other. Prisca hopes we can harness the heavens and hells within — the fiery depths and icy peaks — and confidently wear them both on our sleeve.


This article originally appeared on i-D US.