um, sainsbury’s are starting their own record label

Artists may or may not receive their advances in Nectar points.

by Frankie Dunn
02 November 2017, 5:09pm

Your favourite orange supermarket overlord, it has been announced, will release a series of compilation records on their Own Label (yes, that's what they've called it) via Universal and Warner starting this week. With Bob Stanley of 90s band Saint Etienne on curation duties and artwork inspired by Sainsbury's own brand package design circa 1960 (current designers take note), their first releases will be the very jolly titled, Coming Into Los Angeles -- A Taste Of West Coast and Hi-Fidelity -- A Taste of Stereo Sound. Sounds… tasty.

So, does this mean we'll soon be heading up to the big Sains instead of down to our favourite record stores in the very near future? Unlikely. But with supermarkets contributing to a decent proportion of physical sales -- Sainsbury's themselves claim to make up 5% of the total UK vinyl market, which is a lot of mums -- it's certainly an interesting development.