Photography Amanda Chidli

a calming mix full of experimental poetry, by swedish duo flora

This is not a party mix. This is an odyssey.

by Juule Kay
17 December 2018, 3:03pm

Photography Amanda Chidli

This article originally appeared on i-D Germany.

"Come back. Take me by surprise. I don't want to see it coming. I want you to take action. You in control. Out of mine. Outside my mind. Stepping in." When we asked Swedish duo FLORA to describe the mix they made us, this is the poem they quoted at us. If you listen carefully, you'll hear those words woven into the fabric of the opening few minutes of the audio; what sounds like a broken heart and deep contemplation leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

Behind the mysterious project are two talented producers — Melina Åkerman Kvie aka AnnaMelina, and Jonas Rönnberg, better known as Varg. Their respective worlds of experimental music were surely fated to cross over since well before they both started creating it. "Lyrics often have a lot to do with different places," says AnnaMelina. "I often picture a place and a moment and I describe it as well as I can, but often it feels blurry and mysterious... maybe that makes it poetic."

The result of their partnership, today at least, is a beautiful odyssey that'll drag you deep into the realm of sleep. Though calming, the production isn't all peaceful — there's a dark current flowing through it like a warning. Whispering backwards and in an ancient language about how these two should score the next season of Stranger Things and then several sci-fi films, or else.

Dive in, then!

This article originally appeared on i-D DE.