maxwell tomlinson's year in photos

Corfu, the Beast from the East, moving house. This is 12 months in the life of photographer Maxwell Tomlinson.

by Ryan White
03 December 2018, 12:59am

We asked a handful of our favourite photographers to look back at 2018 and remember it through the photographs they took. From i-D contributions to personal pictures of friends, family and strangers on the street, this is Maxwell Tomlinson: My Year in Photos.

London photographer Maxwell Tomlinson has been contributing to i-D for some time now. Shooting Lil Yachty, Fionn Whitehead and artists showing at London Frieze this year, to name just a few, his images always have a distinct depth and emotion to them. Elsewhere Maxwell has contributed to the likes of T Magazine, GQ Style, and the campaign for our i-D x Stüssy collection.

maxwell tomlinson photographs the band shame

I photographed Shame for BEAT in January. They came to my house and played Xbox for an hour before I dragged them outside to stand in front of this wall. Thanks to Hanna Hanra and Jonny Lu.

maxwell tomlinson photographs an old woman walking down the street

Woman with trolly, Wales.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a man in the snow

The month of the Beast from the East. Benny looking cold in Bourne Wood, Surrey.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a man on the street

In April I spent a week wandering the streets of Hong Kong.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a woman wearing a union jack flag

Royal wedding aftermath, Windsor, 19th May.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a shop in corfu

Fire extinguisher shop, Corfu.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a kid wearing an i-D stussy t-shirt

In July I worked with i-D Fashion Editor Max Clark on the i-D x Stussy collaboration. Casting by Gabrielle Lawrence @ People File. Grooming by Shiori Takahashi.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a woman in a white dress with mcdonalds

The Great British Summer… 2018 was a good one.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a couple at the beach in england

Can you see the sea monster? Southend-on-Sea.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a scarecrow in a field of flowers
maxwell tomlinson photographs deer and a child

In September/October I spent the best part of a month travelling around Japan. First image: Scarecrow, Shirakawa-gō. Second image: A moment in Nara.

maxwell tomlinson photographs a man lying down on the floor

In November I moved house and took photos of my friend Ed in the empty rooms.

maxwell tomlinson photographs the sunsetting on a street in london

The End.


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