Photography James Dryden

What your January 2022 looked like

From Paris to Patagonia, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
01 February 2022, 8:00am

Photography James Dryden

i-D ran My Month in a Photo all through last year and discovered some of the month incredible work. We featured a handful of photographers that were discovered through the series, and plan to do the same this year. So at the end of each month throughout 2022, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone in the hope to discover more talent — just email

It’s tough to pick just a handful from thousands and thousands of submissions. But for anyone whose images do not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the imagery taken, and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible. We recommend looking through the successful submissions to get a sense of what we really like to publish.

A hand sticking out of the ocean doing an ok sign.

Karl-hens Pompilus, 23, New York, USA 

“Finding the unknown of oneself through others.” @karlhens_

A shirtless person lying on a bed after having top surgery with tape and plasters along their body.

Heather Glazzard, 28, London, UK

“This self-portrait was taken during my top surgery, it means healing and resilience.” @heather_glazzard

Girl in a coat and scarf and hat in the snow pointing out in front of her.

Reina Kubota, 21, Tokyo, Japan

“I went out to the snowy mountains with my funny friends.” @_ kumachabin _

passing lights from a moving car window at night

Angelo Capacyachi, 21, New York, USA

“I have an affinity for photographing windows in the back of cars. There is something about the fleeting moment of time between going from place to place.” @angelocfilm


Marne Mans, 23, Cape Town, South Africa

“January was a month of significant personal growth. I created a whole new life for myself. This photo represents a newfound love for people, for my city, and for myself.” @marnemans

Portrait of a girl wearing a backwards grey cap and a white t-shirt.

Grady Neilan, 22, California, USA

“A warm day in Malibu with Priscilla.” @grady_neilan

Shirtless boy lies on a table.

Felipe Orellana Fuentealba, 27, Madrid, Spain

“Javier laying on the table of his living room. January went by so fast.” @felipeorellanaf

A couple kissing in a dimly lit room against a window looking out over the city.

Sid Hart, 26, Oslo, Norway

“I took this picture of my little brother about to kiss his girlfriend while we were watching the first sunrise of the year. You can just barely see my friend in the back capturing the moment on her video camera — we were all trying to take that feeling with us.”

blurry photo of neon sign lights.

Kamal Daghmoumi, 19, Mohammedia, Morocco

“How the brain stores memories.” @kamalsrandom

a woman having her hair braided in a salon

Elianel Clinton, 25, New Jersey, USA 

“A customer getting her hair braided at Aminata African Hair Braiding salon in Harlem for The New York Times.” @ohyeahitseli

Man sits by a door in an empty room lighting a cigarette

Mohammad Mohebbi, 25, Tehran, Iran

“This is my friend that I invited to my house while my parents are away on a trip.”

Two men on a beach in the morning. One in a shirt holds a beer, the other in a wetsuit holds a surfboard.

Phoebe Plimmer, 23, New Zealand

“I’ve spent the month of January in beautiful Mount Maunganui, NZ. Sunrises and sunsets on the beach with doves flying overhead.” @phoebeplimmer 

Person with flowers over their eyes

Angeles Peña, 22, Patagonia, Argentina

“Playing among amancays with my partner just before the storm, in a place where everything seems to float.”

The neck of a horse with dip dyed orange red mane.

Kamil Zacharski, 34, Poland

“One of the last days on Fuerte. Feliz Navidad as they say.” @kamilzacharski

Shirtless man sitting on the roof at sunrise.

Josè Limbert, 24, Milan, Italy

"My brother, at a time when I feel I have found him again, in the morning just before leaving Lisbon, the city where I was born". @joselimbert


Zicky Le, 25, Yangon, Myanmar

“I went back to my parents’ town for the holidays. Took some pictures, shared laughter and love.” @zickyf.le

Girl wearing a red lace dress and a long chain of pearls with her bangled hand on her hip.

Matthew Kayode, 24, Ibadan, Nigeria

“I took this photo on New Year’s Day, when I saw her joyfully walking down the street in her festive attire.” @pharsirme

Two friends, one upside down, looking serious in front of a glass building

Tsuyoshi Kiritoshi, 27, Tokyo, Japan

“My friend Kyan came to Japan for a month and I wanted to show him around. I took him and my friend to one of my favourite hangout spots, a rooftop area in Shibuya.” @tsuyoshikiritoshi 

A girl blows a bubblegum bubble while sitting with her phone to her ear in a dressing room

Zoey Rouhana, 21, New York, USA

“My best friend Raven in our dressing room at the strip club we work at. She listened to a TikTok and then prayed to the pole gods for a good money night.” @zoeyrouhana

Three boys play on the beach where the tide hits the shore.
boy sunbathing on the sandy beach next to the incoming tide.

Ubani Chidindu, 23, Lagos, Nigeria

“‘Mmiri Udo’ is an Igbo word which means ‘peaceful waters’. I was inspired by the serenity at the beach. I felt a bit of nostalgia from my childhood, a piece of memory I couldn’t remember, but I felt this childish happiness within me.” @jag_ubani

Blurry photo of someone leaning over the edge of a filled bath tub.

Raya Salem, London, UK

“I took this photo of my roommate in London taking a bath that we had to fill with our kettle. @raysarchives_

close up of a man lying down and smiling.

James Dryden, 20, Naarm, Australia

“Moving states is always a weird feeling. Saying goodbye to friends you grew up with. Not knowing when you are going to see them next. It was hard saying goodbye to my closet friend Tom, but at least I have this portrait of him." @jamesdrydenstudio

a woman stands in the darkness, a sun light streak across her body.

Ayan Abdi, 23, Oslo, Norway

“This picture represents for me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” @ayyanabdif

A man and a woman sitting at a bar table

Hwa Pyung Yoo, 25, Paris, France

“After watching Born in Flames, a movie about black women revolutionaries, at a cinema in Paris, my friends and I went to a bar to have some drinks. Here, my boyfriend Hicham shares how this movie affected his vision of political revolutions.”  

Two skaters on a ramp.

Perla Elfassi, 16, California, USA

“The skaters of Venice.”

Snow covered yellow snowboard

Guno Lee, 38, Seoul, South Korea

“The child runs around in the cold snow and runs straight to the mother's voice.” @rawwstudios

Two kids wrestling outside wearing bright colours.

Yul and Nimrod, 28 and 31, Sinai, Egypt

“Sinai is a beautiful rural desert area, lying on the red sea, populated mainly by bedouin. The energies there are extremely chill. Yul and her sister, Klyl, started to wrestle as a joke.”

A girl hangs out of a school bus window

Sophie Altemus, 17, California, USA

“Bus on a Friday afternoon.” @shotbysophie

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All images courtesy of the artist

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