Photography by Diego Villarreal

Watch Céline Semaan and Sophia Li’s new show dismantling the binary view of climate action

Céline Semaan and Sophia Li's new series 'All of the Above' empowers us to imagine fresh perspectives on climate change.

by Sara Radin
15 April 2021, 7:00pm

 Photography by Diego Villarreal

Climate action is a spectrum, not a binary,” says Sophia Li, who's new YouTube show, All of the Above, explores alternative holistic perspectives, collective actions and accountability efforts to today’s most pressing environmental issues. Alongside co-host Celine Semaan, Executive Director of Slow Factory, the pair hope to give a more nuanced view on consumption in a world where solutions to better the planet are seen as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, often misleading us to consume more.

No plastic straws! Go vegan! Don’t eat fish! With all kinds of information out there as far as how to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, it’s difficult to know if your environmental efforts are ever really enough. But instead of apocalyptic messaging, Celine and Sophia offer a more expansive discussion around environmental solutions, showing us through All of the Above that we can all play a part in healing the Earth.

“The show teaches you efficient ways to hold harmful industries accountable and to pressure them to take big bold steps towards a regenerative and sustainable present,” Céline says. “It empowers the public on creating a domino effect of climate-positive action centering community and education.”

All of the Above, which is sponsored by Ever&Ever, is also partnering with Ecosia to plant 1000 trees for their first episode, and to create an AOTA forest during season one. Whether you’re an activist or a climate justice ally the show cuts through the noise and empowers us to do something, and do it together. Plus even your views are helping to fight the climate crisis, so be sure to tune in at the link above.

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