The coronavirus good news bulletin

It may feel like it’s the end of the world out there, but it’s not all bad news. Read these hopeful pandemic stories if you need a break from doom and gloom.

by Roisin Lanigan
06 April 2020, 3:32pm

Who can honestly remember how many weeks we are into isolation at this point? The idea of wandering to the shop just because you’re bored and fancy a snack is just a distant memory. You’ve binge-watched all you can binge-watch and if you see one more person go on Instagram Live to show off their sourdough starter you’ll lose it. Look, we get it. Right now the world is scary and claustrophobic and the news reads like something from an apocalyptic horror B-movie. But there are glimmers of hope in the hellfire that is our current global pandemic. We’ve been keeping a close eye on everything to be cautiously optimistic about, and we’re here to share the good news with you all.

So close Twitter for a second and read this instead. Here are all the good things about coronavirus that you may have missed this week -- it just might help you get through the day. Stay safe and stay inside!

If you’re missing the pub (same) you can go to one online now
Zoom and Houseparty have eliminated the myth that we need to actually see our friends IRL to socialise, but they haven’t eliminated our collective hankering for that authentic pub vibe. Luckily Mulberry’s contribution to our quarantine sanity is a series of virtual pub nights. Every Sunday the brand will host a “My Local” series of concerts on their social media at 8pm. This week Arlo Parks takes to the virtual stage with a host of other exciting acts. It’s almost like you’re enjoying a Sunday sesh in real life. Check it out -- it’s Easter and you’re off on Monday. A double good news bill.

Trials for a vaccine of COVID-19 are looking promising
In recent weeks scientists around the world have begun a race to find treatment and develop a vaccine which could halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. And while we’re undoubtedly some months away from any kind of clinical vaccine being rolled out, trials taking place around the world are already showing good signs. Volunteers who trialled one vaccine in China are in “good health”, according to reports, with some having returned home after the two week observation period for the medicine. The trial, which began on 17 March, injected 100 adults aged between 18-60 to test the drug’s effectiveness. Now, as many have begun to show positive signs, scientists will test the levels of disease fighting antibodies in their blood for a further six months. This could lead to more scientists across the globe expanding the relatively small sample size. Good news!

Hugo Boss announced it will use its factory to make face masks
Following in the footsteps of fashion houses the world over who are repurposing their production lines to create gowns, PPE and even hand sanitiser, Hugo Boss announced this week that they would start making reusable face masks. In a statement the brand announced its “We Are All In This Together” programme, dedicating its clothing production site at its global headquarters in Metzingen to the manufacture of face masks, which will be donated to public facilities. Hugo Boss say they will make 180,000 masks over the coming weeks, which can be used by police, nursing home staff and firefighters and reused up to 50 times.

Nearly 300,000 people have now recovered from COVID-19
As global cases near a million, it’s important to keep an eye on positive numbers too. Survival tends to get lost in data, particularly when its compared to death rates. But the coronavirus has now existed for at least four months, so it makes sense that as fatalities rise, so too will recoveries. John Hopkins’s live disease tracker, which we really recommend if you find data calming, is currently listing 270,372 resolved cases (AKA recoveries). And that’s only gonna climb higher.

Kenzo have launched a bunch of free digital activities to keep you sane at home
Everyone is going Live constantly and Kenzo are no exception! With an IG feed that’s becoming more crowded than a primetime television slot, the brand’s creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista wants to inspire optimism and creativity, with a weekly series of Instagram live events to keep us all occupied and stave off boredom and existential dread. There’s a whole weekly schedule to get through, including “Monday Music”, workshops and tutorials on Wednesday hosted by artists and creatives, and TGIF live music sets to kick off the weekend. Well, it's not like you had plans already.

European hotspots Spain and Italy begin to see a drop in cases
The eyes of the world have been on Italy and Spain in recent weeks as they emerged as the centre of Europe’s coronavirus epidemic. Northern Italy, in particular, has been badly hit with thousands of deaths. But both countries have begun to turn a corner and have apparently already passed their infection peak. Today is the fourth day in a row that Spain has seen new cases drop, and yesterday Italy had the lowest day of new infection in two weeks. Italy has even begun to cautiously move into “phase two” of its coronavirus plan, strengthening its hospitals and easing the country’s strict lockdown. What does this all mean? Social distancing and staying at home works.

JW Anderson is hosting Q&A’s for all self-isolating fashion nerds
While what seems like half the world is quarantined or self-isolating, JW Anderson have decided they want to tell more non-coronavius stories on social channels (hear hear), to break up the doom and gloom and provide some much needed respite. Thus, they are launching JW(Q&)A. Jonathan is asking his frequent collaborators, friends of the house, celebrity pals and fans to participate in a virtual Q&A session. The series begins today (Monday) on the JW Anderson Instagram and the first guest will be Mx Justin Vivian Bond. Get your questions ready now!

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And I love them.

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