Ariana Grande teases a Sweetener Netflix special


by Roisin Lanigan
09 December 2020, 11:25am

For those of us who are desperately missing live music β€” along with nightclubs, sporting events, the ability to travel, casual human touch, etc β€” then there is a sliver of optimism today: Ariana Grande, it seems, is preparing to drop a Netflix special of her 2018 Sweetener tour, so all of us can enjoy the experience without having to leave our sofas. Which is handy, because there’s not really anywhere to go if we did leave them. 

Anyway! The evidence for the tour movie is a Twitter post, a trio of black and white photos from the tour, posted by Ari herself. The β€œPOV” singer also tagged Netflix, which stans are taking as the kind of wink wink nudge nudge confirmation that recordings of the tour will be available to stream in the near future. 

In a further wink wink nudge nudge moment, Netflix replied to the tweet with a reference to one of Ariana’s bangers β€œexcuse me, i love you” from the song β€œR.E.M”.

And aside from that… well there’s not a lot of information. However! If and when the Netflix special does drop (it’s inevitable), it would definitely be a nice coda to the Sweetener live album Ariana released at the end of last year. And it would be a much needed sweetener (sorry) for the end of 2020 β€” something to tide us over until we can all freely crowd into a concert hall to scream-sing germy breath at each other again. 

Until then we’ll be busy trying to perfect that β€œ34+35” TikTok dance and suggest you do the same.

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