Here’s your first look at Greta Thunberg’s new documentary

It offers a look at a pivotal year in the young climate activist’s life.

by Douglas Greenwood
07 September 2020, 10:54am

The world may know Greta Thunberg’s name, but little is known about what the influential teenager is like when she steps off the stage of events like the United Nations Climate Summit. This dichotomy is set to be explored in the first feature-length documentary about the young activist.

I Am Greta, dropping on Hulu, was shot over the course of a pivotal year, following Greta’s journey from school striker in Sweden to face of the international climate crisis movement. We see her travel across the Atlantic to attend that aforementioned UN Climate Summit, as Nathan Grossman – the film’s director – joins Greta on board her carbon-neutral boat journey to America.

The film has just bowed at the Venice Film Festival, and it is set to be released later in the year. But for those of us unlucky enough to not be lounging about on the Lido di Venezia last week, Hulu have given us our first teaser of the film.

It’s only a 40-second teaser, in which we see Greta’s rousing speech, shortly before schools break for summer, and the announcement of her transatlantic journey by sea to New York City. Watch the clip below, ahead of _I Am Greta_’s release on 16 October in the UK and much of Europe, with its digital release via Hulu in the US coming on 13 November.

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