Listen to Jalle's new bop, Pick Me Up

The artist's melodic pop is made for summer.

by Jack Sunnucks
15 July 2020, 7:00pm

Photo courtesy of Jalle.

“I have songs that are just bops you can dance to but I also make music for when you’re feeling a certain type of way,” says Jalle of his melodic new song "Pick Me Up", premiering on i-D today. The 18-year-old musician hails from Nottingham, where he learned to make music at the city’s Community Recording studios. The story-filled songs that emerged helped him through tumultuous times in his life and performing at open mic nights around the city put the young artist on the map.

Listen to "Pick Me Up", and read more about Jalle's pop sensibility, below.

How are you doing? How are you dealing with not being able to perform live?
I’m great thanks, super excited to finally put some music out into the world. I’ve kinda had to just find the next best thing to do so I’m writing loads of songs during lockdown ready for that first gig back after this is all over.

How would you describe your sound? What goes into you writing a song?
I would say it’s emotive and rebellious fusion with a pop sensibility...

Usually when I write songs I like to think about my life and the people in it, and make them or me into the characters and tell a story.

Tell us how you first came to make music.
The first time I came to actually sit and purposely write a song was three years ago. I was sat at my desk in my room writing about my reality and the reality of the world at the time. At this point I was just writing raps as I was unaware of my ability to sing until about a year later, and started writing songs at a local community record studio in Nottingham called CRS.

How does where you grew up influence your work?
I think it’s mainly the people from Nottingham and in my life, past and present, that influence me the most. There are so many different people around me with different stories to tell. The situations that I have been put through personally and in my school life have also played a massive part in who I am as an artist and what I want to say to the world.

What is "Pick Me Up" about?
"Pick Me Up" is about a relationship I was in which wasn’t good for either of us at the time as we were both battling our own issues, whilst trying to fix each other. This song was my way of saying to her that we could have worked if we were in another place in our lives and part of it was an apology because I felt guilty for how things went between us.

What are your hopes for the record?
I hope that this record maybe helps someone else in a similar situation get through their trouble as music gets me through my ups and downs.

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