Arca and Shygirl release collaborative fundraiser single

100% of proceeds will be split between Black Lives Matter and Inquest UK.

by Frankie Dunn
05 June 2020, 11:30am

Cover art for "unconditional"

Trailblazing Venezuelan artist and dedicated ally Arca has joined London’s very own Shygirl of NUXXE and PDA fame (who features on the former’s forthcoming album, KiCk i) for a very special charity single. Out today and available exclusively on Bandcamp for a voluntary amount, the friends are donating all proceeds from the moving track “unconditional” to Black Lives Matter and Inquest UK.

“I felt overwhelmed this week,” Shygirl says. “Inundated with imagery and news that triggered emotions I was not immediately ready to deal with. I found myself reaching for a lifeline, a brief moment of reprieve to steady me before I inevitably returned to the news, the deep dive of personal reflection to the protest. Protesting reminded me that I wasn’t alone. The possibility that others might feel the way I do, even in the slightest, made me want to speak up and reach out, to provide something. I find both solace and power in music, so it’s in this that I have a resource to share, with the aim to build emotional strength and connections in this time of awakening, reflection and protest.”

She goes on to explain that while she wrote the lyrics to “unconditional” a while ago, thinking of “love, family, betrayal and ultimately strength in adversity”, she realised that the sentiments apply now more than ever. “The emotion of the song still rang true but this time in a wider way, a bigger family, a deeper betrayal, a greater need for love. It felt right to share this now and I hope it means something to you.”

Arca took to Instagram to share that she feels "blessed to be able to make music w u shy. thank you for your oceanic generosity in your music. we hope the song can serve as a balm, a comfort, nourishment for anyone who might need some energy at the moment."

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