Harry Styles teases details of his My Policeman sex scenes

When asked about NSFW scenes in the new movie and 'Don't Worry Darling', the pop god said that neither are appropriate for watching with your parents.

by Douglas Greenwood and Jenna Mahale
05 April 2022, 10:00am

My Policeman has finally started shooting. The movie we have unofficially dubbed “Harry Styles’ bi cop movie starring Emma Corrin as the third wheel” was announced in late 2020, originally with Lily James in the co-lead role which Emma has since filled. And though COVID put a spanner in the works production-wise, it seems like the wheels are finally in motion for us stans to get not one, but two Harry Styles on-screen roles in 2022. 

The movie, produced by Amazon Studios, has become one of the most anticipated British projects of the year ahead, bringing together some of the country’s most promising screen talents. But what’s the movie about? Where’s it being filmed? And for the love of god when can we see Harry Styles snog another man with our own two eyes? All of this and more below. 

What’s the plot of My Policeman?

Based on a 2012 book by author Bethan Roberts, My Policeman is a decades-spanning story that focuses on the life of Marion and town policeman Tom, a lovestruck couple living in 1950s Brighton. Then, their lives are sent into a tailspin with the arrival of Patrick. He’s a handsome older gentleman, enamoured by Tom, and together the trio live shielding their relationship from a homophobic society until the dynamic reaches a complex breaking point. The story jumps between the 1990s and the 1950s, focusing on the same characters. The book predominantly focuses on Patrick’s perspective, so it’s thought the script may have been written to focus on Marion and Tom, considering Emma and Harry are the big casting choices.

Who’s in the cast?

Alongside Emma Corrin, who plays Marion, and Harry, who plays Tom Burgess, My Policeman stars Luther and The Last Kingdom actor David Dawson — not Louis Tomlinson as Wikipedia currently states (nice try Larries) — as Patrick. The older version of Emma’s character will be played by Gina McKee, star of Notting Hill and Black Narcissus. Homeland star Linus Roache will play the older version of Harry’s character, while Rupert Everett has signed on to star as the older Patrick. As yet, no other actors have been announced, but it looks like the film’s cast will consist of a small ensemble anyway. 

And who’s behind the camera?

Perhaps the biggest selling point for the movie’s talent has been the screenplay. The book’s adaptation was written by Ron Nyswaner, who was nominated for an Oscar for his Philadelphia script in 1994. More recently, he’s been writing on Homeland for TV. This will be his first major movie in six years. Theatre director Michael Grandage will be making his big screen debut as the movie’s director, while Caroline Levy will be the executive producer. Having worked on The Lighthouse and Colette, she most recently wrapped work on The Nightingale, a war story starring Dakota and Elle Fanning. On cinematography duties is Ben Davies, who shot The Eternals with Chloé Zhao as well as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Is there really going to be nudity in My Policeman?

Tabloid rumours have done the rounds suggesting that Harry Styles will have sex scenes involving nudity in the film. A so-called “film insider” told The Sun that “Not much is going to be left to the imagination. Harry is throwing himself into this new role and is really excited about the challenge, even though it’s a daunting task.

A recent interview with Capital FM’s Roman Kemp is more illuminating. Speaking about My Policeman and his upcoming sexy psycho-thriller Don’t Worry DarlingHarry confirmed there will be “saucy scenes” in both. “I don’t know if you can watch either with your parents,” he said. “I’m gonna have to do another one.”

Roman also asked Harry if, like the cast of Bridgerton, he used a “deflated netball” as an assist. Harry replied: “I’ve personally had no experience with a netball. It depends very much on who you’re working with and what the situation is. All I can say, from my experience, is that we were very lucky to have a trusting relationship with the people we were working with and that came first.” Harry continued. “It’s me and you and we trust each other, and at any point we can stop whenever.” He concluded, “I’d never done that before,” before adding, “on camera at least.” Harry, you scoundrel!

What’s the age rating then?

According to documents obtained by Harry Styles Daily and Harry Styles Updates, the MPA have given My Policeman an R-rating for “sexual content.”

Where is My Policeman filming and when?

As we said earlier, My Policeman has finally kicked off filming this month and is due to run until early summer, when Emma starts her West End run in the Anna Delvey-inspired play Anna X. Based on paparazzi photos of Harry in London and reports by FilmUpdates, it’s thought shooting has kicked off in the capital and will move to Brighton at a later date. 

There are also rumours that Harry will dye his hair blonde for the film, though photos from last weekend depict Harry with a hat on, so no confirmation on that yet. While Don’t Worry Darling was practically hounded by fans during filming, it seems My Policeman’s might slip a little more under the radar — at least until it reaches Brighton, when the beaches may well be overrun by fans. 

Update: Moving the shoot to Brighton changed things. Stans have swarmed the set of My Policeman in the seaside city.

Have any photos from the set of My Policeman leaked yet?

Short answer: yes, and lots of them. Just when you thought House of Gucci was the only movie you’d see every scene of pre-release, My Policeman’s filming moved to Brighton and the stans caught on. A mix of paparazzi shots and fan photos have been released onto the internet alongside video too. We got our first look at his policeman get-up (ACAB still applies, sorry). And then some previews of his scenes with Emma Corrin, including one in which the pair kiss, courtesy of TikTok-using Harry stans who have taken it upon themselves to document the whole process of filming.

One girl on TikTok even ‘storytimed’ her realisation that Harry was in Brighton from the moment she’d learned of his arrival all the way through to seeing him live and in the flesh on set.

Why do the clapperboards say Wakefield?

In order to throw stans off the scent of shooting locations, many high profile movies (or those with starry casts, like My Policeman) will adopt secret working titles during filming. By the looks of the paparazzi shots, it seems like My Policeman is shooting under the title Wakefield.

Former Harry collaborator Christopher Nolan does this a lot, too. Dunkirk was shot under the title Bodega Bay; The Dark Knight used Rory’s First Kiss.

When is it being released?

As of right now, no confirmed release date for My Policeman has been announced, but don’t be surprised if it arrives earlier than we expect. As stan accounts have pointed out, since the film has now been rated, a completed cut must now exist.

Considering the film is a modest budget, insulated relationship drama with limited (if any) special effects and a small cast, it could realistically be turned around for the beginning of 2022. We expect there will be a push for the film to get some recognition at the 2022 BAFTA Awards, which usually take place in February. So let’s just say that it’s realistic to assume you will have seen Harry Styles snog another man on screen by the end of the year. Hold tight!

This article was updated with new information on 10 Feb.

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