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7 of Mandy Moore's most iconic outfits

The 'Candy' singer and 'A Walk to Remember' actress was Y2K’s style sweetheart.

by Zoë Kendall
17 September 2021, 7:00am

Photo by SGranitz/WireImage, Evan Agostini/ImageDirect and Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Oh, Mandy. Debuting with the single “Candy” at the age of 15, Mandy Moore was the youngest — and sweetest — star of 1999’s teen popstar cohort. She’s also one of the few 2000s pop acts to transition successfully and, seemingly, effortlessly to the realm of the big (and small) screen. In 2002, the singer shed her bubblegum pop image for her role in the iconic and formative romance A Walk To Remember. Since, she went on to star in satirical indie Saved!, underrated coming-of-age flick How to Deal and, most prominently, in long-running TV drama This Is Us. At the turn-of-the-millennium, Mandy’s style vacillated between pop effervescence (fuschia pink and sequins) and soft minimalism (fitted suits and slip dresses) while even dabbling in proto-boho chic — all while maintaining her singular bubbly aura. Here, we take a look back at some of Mandy’s most iconic outfits from the Y2K era.

“Candy” music video, 1999

In 1999,  Mandy burst onto the music charts with the Top 50 single “Candy.” Throughout the majority of the song’s music video — which received massive airplay on MTV’s TRL — the singer sports a red tank, cargo pants and sneaks. The clip’s most memorable fit, however, appears only for a few split seconds, at its beginning, as the singer rotates through possible ‘going out’ looks in her bedroom. The presumably rejected yet perfectly Y2K outfit consists of a layered tank situation, satin maxi skirt, walkman-as-techcessory and the era’s ubiquitous spiky bun.

mandy moore posing on the red carpet in a long plaid skirt and pink top billboard music awards 1999
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At the Billboard Music Awards, 1999

Along with Britney, Christina and Jessica, Mandy ushered in Y2K’s teen pop revival. Debuting at only 15 years old — the youngest of the four — Mandy’s musical and sartorial stylings were the sweetest and most youthful of her pop cohort. Here, at the 1999 Billboard Music Awards, not even a month after the release of “Candy”, Mandy wears an ultra saccharine look: fuzzy fuschia tank, lime green organza skirt and matching pink pedi.

mandy moore at her album launch party in a denim skirt and halter top 2000
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At an album launch party at HMV, 2000

Does it get any more Y2K than holding an album launch party at HMV? The only thing more turn-of-the-millennium than the venue was Mandy’s outfit: a beaded halter top and a low-rise denim skirt with a handkerchief hem.

mandy moore posing on the red carpet in a star tube top and pink pants 2001
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At MTV Icon: Janet Jackson television special, 2001

Even more Y2K than HMV: the MTV television special. MTV Icon, to be exact, which aired from 2001 to 2004. To the first-ever edition of the annual event, Mandy wore turn-of-the-millennium pop’s favoured color combo: fuschia and black.

mandy moore in a pixie cut and slip skirt at the teen choice awards 2002
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At the Teen Choice Awards, 2002

In 2002, Mandy shed her bubblegum pop star image in pursuit of more folk-leaning music and a career in acting. One year after dabbling in cinema with smaller roles in Dr. Dolittle 2 and The Princess Diaries, Mandy took a starring role in romantic tear-jerker A Walk to Remember.  Among other things, the newly-minted actress marked this career transition by dying her hair from platinum blonde to dark brown — and then lobbing it into the era’s ubiquitous pixie. Here, to scoop two A Walk To Remember awards at the Teen Choice Awards, Mandy sports her freshly cut ‘do with a more sophisticated, boho-leaning look: the 00s tank-and-slip skirt combo.

mandy moore posing at the kids choice awards in a boho mini dress and boots 2002

At Nickelodeon’s 15th Annual Kids Choice Awards, 2002

At the 2002 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Mandy went full Glastonbury-esque, boho-chic — over a year before Kate or Sienna even coined the term. Matching the event’s iconic orange carpet, the musician-slash-actress wore a floaty mini dress with a low-slung leather belt — and fringed suede boots, for good measure.

mandy moore posing on the red carpet in a striped halter dress billboard music awards 2003
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At the Billboard Music Awards, 2003

In 2003, Mandy released her fourth studio album, Coverage. While the album, with its folksy leanings, marked a departure from Mandy’s teen pop sound, the singer definitely did not part with her bubblegum-inspired wardrobe. To the year’s Billboard Music Awards — two months after the launch of Coverage— the singer wore a sequinned halter dress that called back to her “Candy” era. A sweet look for Y2K pop’s eternal sweetheart.

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