Watch Maisie Williams in the messed-up trailer for her new horror film

After two years of production setbacks, scary X-Men spin-off The New Mutants hits cinemas this April

by Douglas Greenwood
06 January 2020, 4:45pm

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Okay, brace yourselves. Just when you thought the promise of A Quiet Place: Part II, Saint Maud, The Conjuring 3, The Turning and copious other horror films had you all set up for a spooky 2020, here’s another one to add to your must-watch list: The New Mutants.

The horror spin-off from the X-Men series tells the tale of four young monstrous teenagers with unyielding superpowers, who have been confined to an institution in order to stop them from causing havoc in the outside world. The mutants include teleportation expert Illyana played by Anya Taylor-Joy, solar power manipulator Roberto (Henry Zaga), Danielle, who can co-opt an unwitting person’s dreams (Blu Hunt), a levitator named Sam ( Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton), and Rahne, a Scottish lass who can transform herself into a wolf, played by Game of Thrones’ alumni Maisie Williams.

However, the real enemy might not be the teenagers themselves, but those who’ve confined them to the facility in the first place. In the film’s first official trailer, we see them try and navigate an escape while encountering some truly fucked up zombie-like figures.

Director Josh Boone might have come to the movie via The Fault in Our Stars, but it seems the run-of-the-mill teen sci-fi flick you might have expected him to make has been scored through with a darker streak.

Originally shot back in the summer of 2017, The New Mutants has gone through a number of setbacks thanks to the copyright for the X-Men movies switching over from 20th Century Fox to the Walt Disney Company, and a bunch of back and forth between Boone’s vision and what the studio wanted to release. It seems all has been settled now, and the results look promising. The film finally drops in cinemas worldwide on 3rd April 2020.

Watch the trailer below, and spend the next four months preparing yourselves for a film that is, whether you like it or not, going to scare you shitless. Good luck!

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