this transgender woman is challenging censorship and gender binaries on facebook

Facebook's ludicrous position on nipples exposed.

by Tish Weinstock
21 May 2015, 6:59pm

After posting a topless picture of herself onto Facebook, Luna Winters was reported. Why? Because female breasts are seen as some sort of dangerous, sexual predators, that aren't suitable for viewing. However, although identifying as a transgender woman without yet having undergone gender reassignment, Luna is legally still a man, which prompted the good people of Facebook to review the report and ultimately prevent its removal. 

"Though you may think it, I haven't broken your rules on showing female nipple," said Luna in her message to Facebook, "I'm transitioning and for all official legal and medical paperwork… I am male. Your rules specifically state 'female' and as I'm male I ask you, where do you differentiate between one gender and the next? I've seen men on here with bigger tits than me yet you do not censor them?" Owning Facebook with one simple statement, not only did Luna expose Facebook's ludicrous stance on banning female nipples but not male ones, she also revealed the social media giant's discomfort with gender binaries, because although Luna's pictures were allowed, copies of her photos on other people's accounts were swiftly removed. So, what gives, Facebook?

Free the Nipple
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