faced with a lawsuit, burberry perry changes name to thegoodperry

Burberry weren't happy about the copyright infringement, so the Lil Yachty associate has reinvented himself.

by i-D Staff
28 July 2016, 9:21am

via @thegoodperry

Yesterday we learned American producer Burberry Perry was facing legal action from a much older Burberry: the fashion house established in 1856. The label had reportedly sent Lil Yachty's best friend a number of cease-and-desist letters, after he lifted their name and logo for his album art. Eventually, they pursued legal action after Perry apparently failed to make changes. To be fair, it wasn't his fault. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Lil Yachty admitted he came up with name, not Perry.  

Never the less, it looks like Perry finally took notice of Burberry, because today we witnessed a reinvention. "I AM NOW THE ONE THE ONLY THEGOODPERRY AKA TG PERRY" he announced on Twitter. Lil Yachty backed him up with "TG PERRY 2016." Fans have flooded his Instagram to express sentiments like "you'll always be Burberry to me."

TG Perry dropped a new track to christen the new moniker, Blueberry. Give it a listen below—sometimes, change is good. 


Image via @thegoodperry