meet ellen rosa, the fresh face with a heart of gold

We learn more about the Brazilian newcomer who commanded nearly 30 runways in her debut season.

by Tish Weinstock
19 October 2016, 3:02pm

Ellen Rosa, light of our lives, fire in our eyes. Born in Nova Serrana, a tiny town in Brazil, Ellen spent her childhood watching animé and playing games with her younger sister. With her hazel eyes, pillowy lips, and rich chocolatey skin, hers is the kind of beauty that one can only dream of. It's no wonder, then, that at 14 years old she was scouted on her way to school. Three years on, her life has totally changed. "I would have never dreamed about having a friend with pink hair!" she exclaims. Yep, not just a pretty face, but a heart of gold too, which is why everyone is so in love with her. Indeed, at just 17 years old, she's walked for practically every major brand, from Chanel to Sacai, Miu Miu to Moschino, Valentino to Versace, and that was only this season. In fact, making her debut on Alexander Wang's spring/summer 17 catwalk, she walked a total of 29 shows! Here are the 10 things you need to know about Miss Ellen Rosa.

1. She never dreamt of becoming a model: "I had never thought about modeling before I was discovered. [And already] there are so many highlights. One that comes to my mind right now was backstage at Versace; there were so many super models there. It was breath taking to work with them."

2. In fact, if she wasn't a model, she'd be spending her days underwater as a: "Marine biologist."

3. When she's not strutting down the catwalk, you can find her: "Watching Korean dramas."

4. She's also currently working on her English: "At the moment I'm trying to improve my English. I really want to be fully capable to communicate with everyone."

5. If she was the lead singer of a girlband, she'd be joined by: "Naomi, Gigi, Irina, Bella, and me!"

6. She was quite naughty when she was a kid: "I always stole my younger sister's candies and when she noticed, I would say it was my older sister!"

7. Her friends would describe her as: "A sleepy head."

8. She's received some pretty sage advice in the past: "My mommy told me to be myself and that people would like me for that."

9. If she could change one thing in the world it would be: "Prejudice. The world would be a better place without it."

10. She's got some big dreams for the future: "All I can hope for at this moment is to keep up the good work I'm doing and improve every day. I just want to have lots of happy days in my life."

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